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Call for Special Issues

Leadership in Higher Education
This special issue of the journal intends to provide a comprehensive analysis of leadership in higher education. The higher education or college is an institution that gives birth to the intellectual resources which are expected to contribute to improving the quality of human resources. Therefore, all activities should be directed to the excellent academic performance. Management of higher education must start from an awareness of the entire academic community, especially for university leaders. Awareness of university leaders should depart from the philosophical, which not only manages the college-oriented economic capital (profit oriented), but also has socio-oriented capital.
Subjects Coverage
Types of leadership that is appropriate to apply to higher education institutions
Academician as leader or manager
Academic leaders must have the spirit of academic excellence
Leadership ability skills, communication skills and interpersonal skills
Role of Academic leaders to make world class university
University industry relationship
Entrepreneurship Education
Lead Guest Editor
Mizoram University
Guest Editors
Prof. Rabindra Kumar Mohanty
Mizoram University
Prof. Ahrar Husian
Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, India
Prof. (Dr) Gordern Mitchel
Faculty of Education University of Hamburg, Hamburg
Prof. (Dr.) Herbert B. Rosana
Department of Peace & Security Studies College of Social Sciences and Philosophy Bicol University
Prof. M.D Usha Devi
Centre for Human Resource Development, Institute of social and economic change, India
Prof. B.B.Mishra
Mizoram University, India
Submission Deadline: 30th September 2020
Review Results: 30th October 2020
Deadline for Revision: 30th Novemeber 2020
Notification of Final Decision: 15th December 2020
Approximate Publication Date: 30th December 2020

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