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Call for Special Issues

Advances in Laser Micro-manufacturing
Recent trends in miniaturization make a drive for laser processing of highly integrable products in micro-manufacturing industry. A remarkable development of laser technology in last few decades brings new opportunities to process wide variety of materials in micro-system and has been progressed as one of the most emerging area for industrial micro-manufacturing processes. The development of this field is due to availability of very high quality lasers which allow controllable specific energy deposition on micrometer scale at high processing speed. The objective of this special issue is to introduce the methodologies and techniques as well as fundamental aspects which have been studied, applied and developed either in industries or confined in academic research. State-of-the-art developments in growing field like micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS), biomedical applications, packing technologies, electronics industry and material processing industry aims at improving or next generation technologies for miniature application. The topics will provide effective solutions to various applications as well as fundamental development of the subject for applied researchers, industrial and academic people who are interested in micro scale laser material processing. 
Subjects Coverage
The aim and scope of this special issue include laser based technology in micro-manufacturing process, but not limited to:
1. Material removal such as micro-cutting, micro-drilling and ablation
2. Micro-welding and joining, micro-bonding, micro-forming
3. Surface treatment including texturing, cleaning, modification, etc.
4. Laser assisted doping, structuring and patterning
5. Laser assisted lithography and micro-film deposition
6. Wafer dicing, trimming, marking, etc.
7. Process control and monitoring
8. Measurement and testing technologies
9. Metallographic analysis and properties correlation
10. Laser assisted hybrid micro-manufacturing
11. Fundamental aspects, mathematical modelling and simulation
12. Development of micro-manufacturing techniques (TWIST, SHADOW, Laser Transmission welding, etc.)
13. Manufacturing of micro devices and systems
14. Laser sources for micro application: ultra-short pulse laser processing, pulse shaping and modulation, wavelength regimes of laser
15. Application of laser in following areas but not limited to: Laser based edge isolation for silicon cells and thin film ablation, Surface structuring and packaging in fuel cells and high energy batteries, medical implants, low temperature laser based packaging technologies, automotive and sensor industry, microelectronics, polymers for medical products,  material transformation in OLED and display
16. Industrial applications including the processing of glass or ceramic materials
List of Guest Editors
Prof. S. J. Na
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
KAIST, South Korea
Prof. Norman Y. Zhou
Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics,
University of Waterloo, Canada
Dr. Ludovic Hallo
CELIA, Universite Bordeaux, France
Prof. S. L. Chin
Laval University, Canada
Prof. Rob Eason
University of Southampton , UK
Prof. Ian W Boyd
University College London , UK
Submission Deadline: 23rd December, 2013
Review Results: 6th January, 2014
Deadline for Revision: 20th January, 2014
Notification of Final Decision: 27th January, 2014
Approximate Publication Date:  11th February, 2014
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