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Special Issue on Smart Solutions to Develop New Technologies by Civil Engineering and Architecture Approaches: Main (Challenges, Issues and Applications)
An architectural structure can be defined as a human-made construction simultaneously driven by aesthetic and engineering considerations. In many cases, such a construction can be viewed as ‘structural art’. Many ancient constructions can be considered real architectural structures and, for a long time, demonstrated the ability of human beings to use rationally natural materials, dominate construction techniques, understand and optimize the path of forces along the construction components. However, until the end of renaissance, the work of the master builder was mainly based on empirical rules. As a result, structural components were generally oversized, and large volumes of material were used. In the 17th century, the development of modern calculus and experimental techniques allowed developing rational design criteria based on the knowledge of the mechanical properties of the materials. This enabled optimizing the cross-sections and volumes of materials to be used in the constructions. Since the 20th century, the development of more refined design criteria, computational tools, new structural materials, and new structural typologies has made it possible to further optimize the volume of materials and also to rationalize their use even more. Today, the masters of architecture and engineering are able to design and build slender and more elegant structures fulfilling all architectural and engineering requirements. The aim of the Special Issue ‘Architectural Structure’ is to gather advances in architectural structures and inspire researchers and practitioners to share their knowledge and experience in the field, and also explore new directions for the future.
Subjects Coverage
Design paradigms
The building and the environment
Explicit and tacit knowledge
Costs in the building's life cycle
Building energy consumption
Digitization in architecture and civil engineering
The architect in the investment process
Multicriterial evaluation of design solutions
New typologies;
Innovative structural systems;
Innovative structural materials;
Experimental and/or numerical studies;
Construction techniques;
Case studies, including design projects.
Civil Engineering and Architecture
Engineering and Sciences
Lead Guest Editor:
Osamah Khalaf
Al-Nahrain University,
Guest Editors:
Dr Kingsley A. Ogudo
University of Johannesburg
Submission Deadline: September 30, 2020
Review Results: October 10, 2020
Deadline for Revision: October 25, 2020
Notification of Final Decision: November 10, 2020
Approximate Publication Date: December 10, 2020
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