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Call for Special Issues

Geostatistical Modeling and Simulation in Geosciences
The aim of this especial issue is to cover an international forum for the dissemination of updated information in the fields of the geostatistical modelling and simulation in different branches of geosciences. Therefore, the issue provides an environment for original, high quality papers dealing with any aspect of simulation and modelling. The especial issue publishes original research, technical notes and article reviews meeting of experimental observation, statistical analysis, fractal/multifractal approaches, theoretical analysis and methodologies for linear and non-linear geostatistical modelling for more accurate description, better prediction or novel application of phenomena in geosciences and mining engineering with respect to relevant applied geostatistics and the general philosophy of systems simulation.
Papers should demonstrate applications which should be conducted in such a way that the separate steps in the process, such as model development, computer implementation of the derived model, mathematical and scalability problems encountered and validation/verification with real data become transparent to all journal applicants.
Publications should apply modern mathematical-based practices in geostatistical modelling/simulations, whether computational or informatics-based to overcome problematic issues in the different types of ore deposit.
Subjects Coverage
Topics appropriate to this special issue include, but are not limited to:
•Theoretical aspects of geostatistical modelling and simulation including formal modelling and model-checking
• Error analysis and variance reduction techniques
• Experimental design, validation and verification
• Selection and comparison between geostatistical methods and algorithms
• Geostatistical analysis and the development of algorithms for modelling/simulation
• Methodology and application of geostatistical modelling and simulation in any ore deposit
• Linear/non-linear geostatistical modelling
• Fractal/multifractal modelling
• Statistical analysis for preparation of data utilised for geostatistics
• Petroleum reservoir simulation
• Estimation/simulation of toxic elements/complex in the different ore deposits
• Rock mass characterization
• Multivariate analysis
Lead Guest Editor
Dr. Peyman Afzal
1- Department of Mining Engineering, South Tehran Branch, Azad University, Tehran, Iran
E-mail: p_afzal@azad.ac.ir
2- University of Exeter, Camborne School of Mines, Penryn, UK
E-mail: p.afzal@exeter.ac.uk

Guest Editors
Dr. Andrew Wetherelt
Camborne School of Mines
University of Exeter
E-mail: A.Wetherelt@exeter.ac.uk

Dr. Patrick J Foster
Camborne School of Mines
University of Exeter
E-mail: P.J.Foster@exeter.ac.uk

Amir Bijan Yasrebi
Camborne School of Mines
University of Exeter
E-mail: Aby203@exeter.ac.uk

Dr. Omid Asghari
Simulation & Data Processing Laboratory
Department of Mining Engineering
University of Tehran
E-mail: Omid80_aku@yahoo.com

Mr. Naser Madani
1- Department of Mining Engineering, University of Chile, Santiago, Chile
2- Advanced Mining Technology Center, University of Chile, Santiago, Chile
E-mail: Nasser.Madani@ing.uchile.cl
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Expression of interest (and an abstract) to p_afzal@azad.ac.ir due date: 03/31/2015
Review results: 05/31/2015
Deadline for revision: 06/30/2015
Notification of final decision: 07/15/2015
Approximate publication Date: 09/30/2015