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Contemporary Issues of Sustainable Development in Corporate Reporting
Corporate reporting in the world is increasingly being required to communicate how sustainability is embedded in the corporate vision, how it informs the value creation process and the business strategy, and how it sustains environmental, social, and financial performances. A holistic and integrated representation of sustainability is the new frontier for managers, and it is required by both financial and non-financial stakeholders. Hence, these issues are relevant both from an external and from an internal reporting point of view and involve private, public, third sector, and hybrid perspectives. In addition, the adoption of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework provides both an opportunity and a need for research on current challenges faced by companies who are required to implement SDGs. Complying with the requirements of sustainable development is a very high priority for the business community. The United Nations' 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (UN_SDGs) pose new challenges for firms, which have to adjust their operations and strategies to the requirements of SDGs

Subjects Coverage
Relationships between sustainability practices and sustainability disclosure.
Impact of sustainability practices on managerial reporting and the managerial decision-making process.
Inclusion of SDG issues into an organization's management and external reporting.
Sustainability reporting in different kinds of organizations: private, public, third sector, and hybrid perspectives.
The impact of new media (e.g., company website, social networks) on sustainability disclosure.
Financial and non-financial stakeholders' reaction to sustainability-oriented management and disclosure.
COVID-19 and 'Reinventing' a New Business Model.

List of Guest Editors
Kashan Pirzada
University Utara Malaysia
Gabriel Moens
The University of Queensland
Kamran Ahme
La Trobe University

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