Universal Journal of Medical Science(CEASE PUBLICATION)  

Universal Journal of Medical Science is an international peer-reviewed journal that publishes original and high-quality research papers in all areas of medical science. As an important academic exchange platform, scientists and researchers can know the most up-to-date academic trends and seek valuable primary sources for reference.

After consideration, we have decided to cease publication of this journal at the end of 2022. This journal will no longer accept submissions and subscriptions from 2023. All published articles will remain available in Archive at https://www.hrpub.org/journals/jour_archive.php?id=75

ISSN: 2331-6675 (Print)

ISSN: 2331-6683 (Online)

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Editorial Board


Prof. Pietro Giorgio Calo
University of Cagliari, Italy

Editorial Board

Prof. Robert F. Moran
Wentworth Institute of Technology, USA

Prof. Pradeep Garg
Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, USA

Prof. Abdel-hady El-Gilany
Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura University, Egypt

Prof. Sridharan Manavalan
National University of Health Sciences, USA

Prof. Malgorzata Mrugacz
Medical University of Bialystok, Poland

Prof. Woo-yang Kim
University of Nebraska Medical Center, USA

Prof. Huda Eltahry
Faculty of Medicine, University of Mansoura, Egypt

Dr. Hong Zhang
Centre for Eye Research Australia, Australia

Dr. Dunja Degmecic
University Hospital Osijek, Croatia

Dr. Onur Eroglu
Bilecik Seyh Edebali University, Turkey

Dr. Shuyun Zhang
Laboratory of Toxicology and Pharmacology, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, USA

Dr. Vicente Zanon-Moreno
Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology Unit, Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health, School of Medicine, University of Valencia, Spain

Dr. Francesca Fusco
Institute of Genetics and Biophysics, "A. Buzzati-Traverso" CNR, Italy

Dr. Zhigang Zhou
National Institutes of Health, USA

Dr. Nikolaos Vassos
German Society of Surgery, Germany

Dr. Saida Hadjab
Department of Neurosciences, Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Dr. Sreekrishnan T P
Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, India

Dr. Vahid Mashayekhiv Goyonlo
Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Iran

Dr. Edward Lipsit
Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, USA

Maxine Crook
Department of Histopathology, PathWest Laboratory Medicine WA, Women's & Children's Health Service, Australia