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Vol 12(Apr, 2024) No 2

Teeth Fluorosis and Osteofluorosis in Adults – A Cross Sectional Study in Rural YSR Kadapa District, Andhra Pradesh, India

Sirigala Lavanya, Prathiba Ramani

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 179 - 190

DOI: 10.13189/ujph.2024.120201

Assessment of the Relationship between the Family Socio-Economic Status and Adolescent Health Behaviour

Marzhan Myrzaly

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 191 - 200

DOI: 10.13189/ujph.2024.120202

Impact of ODD and ADHD on Conduct Problems among Juvenile Delinquents

Poonam Garg, Gargi Sharma, Himani Sharma, Chirmi Acharya

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 201 - 206

DOI: 10.13189/ujph.2024.120203

Territorial Analysis of the Nosoecological Situation and the Health of the Population of the Syrdarya Region

Nilufar Komilova, Lolakhon Karshibaeva, Umriniso Egamberdiyeva, Khusniddin Egamkulov

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 207 - 217

DOI: 10.13189/ujph.2024.120204

Dynamics of Indicators Characterizing the Health of Kazakhstani Youth

Vitaliy Kamkhen, Dinara Aidasheva, Saltanat Mamyrbekova, Zhanar Zhagiparova, Elmira Auyezova

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 218 - 227

DOI: 10.13189/ujph.2024.120205

Experiences and Barriers Related to Breastfeeding among Nigeria Immigrant Mothers Living in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia - A Qualitative Study

Bolarinwa Balikis Omoyemi, Ong Swee Leong, Khatijah Lim Abdullah, Intan Suhana Munira Binti Mat Azmi, Soh Kim Lam, Soh Kim Geok, Zakariyah Ummulkhair Omolabake

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 228 - 239

DOI: 10.13189/ujph.2024.120206

Fluency Disorders and Maladaptive Behaviours: A Comprehensive Investigation and Rehabilitation Strategies

Kiruthiga E, G. Christopher

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 240 - 249

DOI: 10.13189/ujph.2024.120207

Everyday Assertiveness and Its Significance for Overall Mental Well-Being

Shivani Jandhyala, Navin Kumar

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 250 - 257

DOI: 10.13189/ujph.2024.120208

A Health Literacy Initiative: Enhancing Health Behavior and Quality of Life for Socially Bound Aging in Northern Thailand

Somkid Juwa, Kamollak Wongnoy, Taweewun Srisookkum, Busarin Juwa, Anukool Manoton, Suthichai Sirinual

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 258 - 265

DOI: 10.13189/ujph.2024.120209

Impact of Noise Pollution on the Health of Car Drivers – A Review Article

Dipali Dumbre, Ranjana Chavan, Seeta Devi

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 266 - 270

DOI: 10.13189/ujph.2024.120210

Using Colazzie Analysis: Experience of Mother with Premature Twins and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Sheela Upendra, Jasneet Kaur, Sheetal Barde

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 271 - 276

DOI: 10.13189/ujph.2024.120211

The Perilous Repercussions of Plastic Bags on Health, as well as the Prevailing Sentiment of the Populace towards Alternative Options

Sheetal Barde, Sheela Upendra, Jasneet Kaur, Ranjit Kumar

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 277 - 284

DOI: 10.13189/ujph.2024.120212

Qualitative Study of Family Preparedness of Preeclamptic Pregnant Women without Severe Feature in the Even Occurrence of Eclampsia in Deli Serdang Regency

Dodoh Khodijah, Ida Yustina, Sarma N Lumbanraja, Fikarwin Zuska

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 285 - 293

DOI: 10.13189/ujph.2024.120213

Model for Implementation of Occupational Health and Safety Management Policy for Enhanced Performance of Construction Workers

Lendra Lendra, Jermias Tjakra, Febry Handayani, Lelo Sintani, Vivi Friskila Angela

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 294 - 306

DOI: 10.13189/ujph.2024.120214

The Association between Marriage Consanguinity and Hearing Loss in Jordan: A Retrospective Analysis

Laila Qanawati, Rama Alasir, Yazan Gammoh, Reeman Marzouqah

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 307 - 314

DOI: 10.13189/ujph.2024.120215

Factors Associated with Quality of Life among Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients

Bintang Yinke Magdalena Sinaga, Diandra Angelia Az Zahra, Maria Magdalena Simatupang, Arlinda Sari Wahyuni

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 315 - 325

DOI: 10.13189/ujph.2024.120216

Efficacy of Structured Teaching Intervention on Knowledge Regarding Prevention of Nosocomial Infections among Nursing Students in University of Buraimi, Oman

Limna Mahaboob, Hilal Alrahbi, Sabitha Sadanandan, Gopi Suresh Vankudre

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 326 - 331

DOI: 10.13189/ujph.2024.120217

Incidence of Metabolic Syndrome among Adults on First-Line Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy Regimens in Malaysia

Ahmed Ibrahim Abdeltawwab Hussein, Rosnani Hashim, Zainol Akbar Zainal, Shairyzah Ahmad Hisham, Syamhanin binti Adnan, Preethi Raghavan, Siti Azdiah Binti Abdul Aziz, Noorlina Binti Nordin

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 332 - 340

DOI: 10.13189/ujph.2024.120218

Analysis of Changes in Indicators of Physical Health of Ukrainian Students after the End of Quarantine Restrictions COVID-19

Oleksandr Mozolev, Oksana Romanyshyna, Oleksandr Alieksieiev, Ihor Tomkiv, Oleksandr Binkovskyi, Valentina Miroshnichenko, Ludmila Kravchuk, Oleksii Pidmurnyak

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 341 - 353

DOI: 10.13189/ujph.2024.120219

From Response to Recovery: Evaluating the COVID-19 Disaster Management Strategies in South Korea, Japan, and Indonesia

Oscar Radyan Danar

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 354 - 382

DOI: 10.13189/ujph.2024.120220

Autism Spectrum Disorder: A New Fuzzy and Affective Mental Model

M. El Alami, S. El khabbazi, F. de Arriaga

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 383 - 395

DOI: 10.13189/ujph.2024.120221

The Cognitive Benefits and Neurobiological Impacts of Learning a Second/Foreign Language: A Study on Enhancing Cognitive Function and Dementia

R. Robert, S. Meenakshi

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 396 - 409

DOI: 10.13189/ujph.2024.120222

Mapping the Socio-Economic Inequalities among Children Aged 0-5 Years in India: A Benefit Incidence Analysis of Universal Immunization Programme

Ankita Sharma, Monika Mathur

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 410 - 423

DOI: 10.13189/ujph.2024.120223