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Vol 9(Jul, 2021) No 4

Soft Copy, Cover Page, Table of Contents, Editorial, and Others

Analytical Comparison of Composite and Non-Composite through Type and Deck Type Steel Truss Bridges

Abhishek Sharma, Krishankant Pathak, Pramod K. Singh

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 969 - 975

DOI: 10.13189/cea.2021.090401

Factors Influencing Optimal Hospital Design: A Comparative Study between Thai and Norwegian Public Hospitals

Supuck Prugsiganont, Tanut Waroonkun

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 976 - 991

DOI: 10.13189/cea.2021.090402

Morphological Evaluation of Surface Degradation and Mechanical Properties of Compressed-Earth Blocks (CEB)

A. Martínez Loaiza, J. F. Pérez-Sánchez, E. J. Suárez-Domínguez, M. T. Sánchez-Medrano, V. M. García Izaguirre, A. Palacio-Pérez

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 992 - 998

DOI: 10.13189/cea.2021.090403

Cumulative Cost Spent on Construction Projects of Different Sectors

Jarosław Konior, Mariusz Szóstak

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 999 - 1011

DOI: 10.13189/cea.2021.090404

Designing a Sustainable House in Kuwait

Yousef Abdul Mohsen Al-Haroun

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 1012 - 1025

DOI: 10.13189/cea.2021.090405

Behaviour of Fly ash and Metakaolin Based Composite Fiber (Glass and Polypropylene) Reinforced High Performance Concrete under Acid Attack

Sachin Patil, H. M. Somasekharaiah, H. Sudarsana Rao, Vaishali G Ghorpade

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 1026 - 1047

DOI: 10.13189/cea.2021.090406

Sustainable, Energy Efficient and Economical Design of Single-Family Dwellings

Roz-Ud-Din Nassar, Eka Sediadi, Fathia Elmenghawi

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 1048 - 1056

DOI: 10.13189/cea.2021.090407

Application Edge Designs to Study The Actual Causes That Led to The Frequent Traffic Accidents

Alanazi Talal Abdulrahman

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 1057 - 1063

DOI: 10.13189/cea.2021.090408

Improving Passive Solar Housing Design to Achieve Energy Efficiency; Case Study: Famagusta, North Cyprus

Mojdeh Nikoofam, Abdollah Mobaraki

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 1064 - 1074

DOI: 10.13189/cea.2021.090409

Social Sustainability in the Planning, Design, and Construction in Developing Countries: Guidelines and Feasibility for México

Rosy A. Arcila Novelo, Sergio O. Álvarez Romero, Gilberto A. Corona Suárez, J. Diego Morales Ramírez

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 1075 - 1083

DOI: 10.13189/cea.2021.090410

Appraisal of Awareness and Implementation Levels of Energy Efficiency Design Strategies for Office Buildings in Abuja, Nigeria

E. M. Erebor, E. O. Ibem, I. C. Ezema, A. B. Sholanke

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 1084 - 1096

DOI: 10.13189/cea.2021.090411

Needs of Comfort, Safety, Recognition of a Housing Design with a POE Approach, Case: Dliko Indah Housing Salatiga Indonesia

Djoko Indrosaptono, Tri Susetyo Andadari, Alfanadi Agung Setiyawan

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 1097 - 1109

DOI: 10.13189/cea.2021.090412

The Paradigm of Antithesis and Harmony as the Dualism of Pattern Fundamental in Architecture of Residential Houses in Bali, Indonesia

I Kadek Merta Wijaya

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 1110 - 1122

DOI: 10.13189/cea.2021.090413

Influence of Spatial Layout of Residential Buildings on Sedentary Behaviour of Residents in Enugu, Nigeria

Austin M. Ezezue, Eziyi O. Ibem, Francis O. Uzuegbunam, Chinwuba O. Odum, Monoyoren E. Omatsone

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 1123 - 1136

DOI: 10.13189/cea.2021.090414

Adaptation of Physical Setting to the Appearance of the Jiung Night Market at Public Open Space in Jakarta

Dedi Hantono, Budi Prayitno, Diananta Pramitasari

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 1137 - 1143

DOI: 10.13189/cea.2021.090415

Sustainable Usage of Waste Materials in Aerated and Foam Concrete: A Review

Indu Susan Raj, Karthiyaini Somasundaram

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 1144 - 1155

DOI: 10.13189/cea.2021.090416

Nonlinear Amplification Model in RC Frame Structures: Case Study for Chi-Chi Earthquake

Ravinder Kumar Agrahari, K. K. Pathak

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 1156 - 1169

DOI: 10.13189/cea.2021.090417

Optimizing Investment Selection for PPP Framework in the Transport Sector: A Risk Perspective

Nguyen Minh Nhat, Le Anh Dung

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 1170 - 1178

DOI: 10.13189/cea.2021.090418

Students' Attitudes toward Plagiarism in the Interior Design Field

Abeer A. Alawad

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 1179 - 1188

DOI: 10.13189/cea.2021.090419

The Saturated Flow Modeling on Motorcycle Behavior Based on Through Movements at Signalized Intersections

I M Kariyana, P A Suthanaya, D M P Wedagama, I M A Ariawan

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 1189 - 1197

DOI: 10.13189/cea.2021.090420

Analytical Approach to Estimate Equivalent Strut Width for Wire Meshed Masonry Infilled RC Frame under Dynamic Loading

S. V. S. Jebadurai, D. Tensing, C. Daniel, E. Arunraj, G. Hemalatha

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 1198 - 1205

DOI: 10.13189/cea.2021.090421

Sustainable Neighborhood Assessment: Evaluating Residential Sustainability in Sharjah City's Old Neighborhoods Using the UN-Habitat's Sustainable Neighborhood Principles

Noora A. Chookah, Emad Mushtaha, Imad Alsyouf, Abdulsamad Alkhalidi

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 1206 - 1216

DOI: 10.13189/cea.2021.090422

The Kinematic Source Process of the MW 5.9, 1999 Chia-Yi Taiwan Earthquake from Teleseismic Data Using the Hybrid Blind Deconvolution Method

Boi-Yee Liao, Sen Xie

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 1217 - 1227

DOI: 10.13189/cea.2021.090423

Implementation of Lean Six Sigma Method in High-Rise Residential Building Projects

Syafrimaini, Albert Eddy Husin

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 1228 - 1236

DOI: 10.13189/cea.2021.090424

Seismic Performance Evaluation of Existing Building in Earthquake Prone Area Based on Seismic Index and Seismic Demand Method

Rusnardi Rahmat Putra, Yusuke Ono, Nurhasan Syah, A. A. Cantika

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 1237 - 1245

DOI: 10.13189/cea.2021.090425

Image and Signification of the Neo-Moorish Architecture in Algeria Case Study: The Big Post Office in Algiers

Amina Chalabi, Youcef Lazri

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 1246 - 1256

DOI: 10.13189/cea.2021.090426

Urban Landscape: Essay of Definition of an Algerian Vernacular Style among Students in Architecture

Nabil Roubai Chorfi

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 1257 - 1267

DOI: 10.13189/cea.2021.090427

The Behavior of the Instantaneous Speed Ratio at Merging Area of Traffic Flowing on Federal Highway

Nur Syahirah Husin Basri, Nurul Akmal Mohamed, Muhammad Akram Adnan, Rab Nawaz, Nurul Hila Zainuddin, Nurul Farihan Mohamed

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 1268 - 1276

DOI: 10.13189/cea.2021.090428

Traffic Flow Prediction in Urban Area Using Inverse Approach of Chaos Theory

Nur Hamiza Adenan, Nor Suriya Abd Karim, Adib Mashuri, Nor Zila Abd Hamid, Mohd Shahriman Adenan, Armansyah, Ikhsan Siregar

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 1277 - 1282

DOI: 10.13189/cea.2021.090429