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Vol 11(Jun, 2023) No 3

Soft Copy, Cover Page, Table of Contents, Editorial, and Others

Optimal Locations for BMPs Stormwater Management for Sulaimanyah City Industrial Zone, KRG, Iraq

Yaseen Ahmed Hamaamin, Bahram Abdalrahman Faraj

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 411 - 420

DOI: 10.13189/eer.2023.110301

A Toward Sustainable Built Environment: A Gender-Eco Friendly Master Plan of A Sinking Village for Climate Change Adaptation

Rr. M. I. Retno Susilorini, Iskhaq Iskandar, Budi Santosa

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 421 - 432

DOI: 10.13189/eer.2023.110302

Effect of Air Pollution on Respiratory Diseases in the Casablanca Region, Morocco

Rahal Lachgar, Wadi Badri, Mohemd Chlaida

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 433 - 445

DOI: 10.13189/eer.2023.110303

Taxonomic Diversity of Lianas in the Batang Toru Forest, North Sumatra

Nursahara Pasaribu, Alfarid Faqih Siregar, Julius Paolo Siregar, Oky Kusuma Atni, Adrian Hartanto

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 446 - 455

DOI: 10.13189/eer.2023.110304

Application of ARIMA Imputation Model and RNN Forecasting Model – WWTPs Performances Optimization

A. Chaoui, W. Elkhoumsi, M. Laaouan, R. Bourziza, K. Sebari

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 456 - 466

DOI: 10.13189/eer.2023.110305

Forest Land Conversion for Oil Palm Plantations and Legal Protection and Social Welfare of Indigenous Communities

Nanang Sri Darmadi, Bambang Tri Bawono, Jawade Hafidz

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 467 - 474

DOI: 10.13189/eer.2023.110306

Estimation of Lead and Iron Concentration in Fern (Stenochlaena palustris (Burm. F. Bedd)) Grown under Different Conditions of Peatlands

T. Abu Hanifah, Sofia Anita, Ganis Fia Kartika, Itnawita, Mukhlis, Winda Setyarini

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 475 - 482

DOI: 10.13189/eer.2023.110307

Relationships between Erosional Losses and Vegetation in Fallows of Southern Nigeria

A. I. Iwara, M. A. Abua, R. E. Udonwa, S. B. Esuabana, E. P. Archibong, D. O. Idika, I. E. Bassey, A. S. Antai, O. O. Egbai, V. B. Eneyo

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 483 - 492

DOI: 10.13189/eer.2023.110308

Forecasting Wastewater Influent Parameters Using ARIMA and Holt-Winters Models (A Case Study)

A. Chaoui, W. Elkhoumsi, M. Laaouan, R. Bourziza, K. Sebari

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 493 - 504

DOI: 10.13189/eer.2023.110309

Assessing Copper Pollution Levels in the Sediment and Soft Tissue of Cerithidea obtusa (C. Obtusa), Malaysia

Krishnan Kumar, Elias Saion, Yap CK, M. K. Halimah

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 505 - 512

DOI: 10.13189/eer.2023.110310

Adsorption Kinetic and Isotherm of the Oil Spill onto Adsorbents Based on Polyurethane Foam Grafted Chitin and Its Modifications

Tran Y Doan Trang, L. A. Zenitova, Pham Huong Quynh, Ta Thi Huong, Lai Hong Dung

[Abstract] [Full Text] [Full Article - PDF] pp. 513 - 526

DOI: 10.13189/eer.2023.110311