Universal Journal of Educational Research Vol. 8(7), pp. 3179 - 3188
DOI: 10.13189/ujer.2020.080747
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Fostering Students Entrepreneurship through Digital Platforms

Nikollaq Pano , Ira Gjika *
Department of Economy, Faculty of Economic Sciences, Mediterranean University of Albania, Albania


Entrepreneurship is a process characterized by the pursuit of opportunity. It is a series of steps that combines knowledge and skills to enable the process of value creation in fulfilling a market need. The role of education is increasing in successful entrepreneurial activities worldwide. Our work intends to contribute in highlighting and strengthening relations between university education and entrepreneurship in Albanian context. Following the European Directive "Rethinking Education Strategy" several Albanian universities are considering new methods for encouraging university ventures. One of the means suggested is through digital platforms established by and in universities that can play a significant role to push Albanian university education towards the closest collaboration with entrepreneurship and market. After the 'business incubators' wave, digital platforms are becoming the main stimulating tool of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit for young people, successfully used by many foreign universities. This study presents a new platform called Launchpad Albania, purposely designed to stimulate the development of new business ideas and to evaluate their success probability. Mainly intended for use by university students, it helps to find associates that support the business ideas and assist with business plan drawing. The expectations from this study are to facilitate establishment of digital platforms where universities, private businesses, banks, students, and lecturers are involved for entrepreneurial activities. This is the main theoretical and practical contribution to the benefit of Albanian universities in their efforts to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit, both at the individual and institutional level.

Entrepreneurship, Higher Education, Digital Platforms, Business Ecosystem

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Nikollaq Pano , Ira Gjika (2020). Fostering Students Entrepreneurship through Digital Platforms. Universal Journal of Educational Research, 8(7), 3179 - 3188. DOI: 10.13189/ujer.2020.080747.