Universal Journal of Educational Research Vol. 8(5), pp. 2071 - 2078
DOI: 10.13189/ujer.2020.080545
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Psychological Resilience Exemplify in Children Stories

Ferril Irham Muzaki *
Department of Elementary and Childhood Education, Faculty of Education, Universitas Negeri Malang, Indonesia


Resilience capability is a part of elementary schools' student skill to create individual learning conformity. This study has four purposes: those are (1) to find problem dynamics in children short story, (2) to elaborate ethical values in children short stories, (3) to elaborate moral value in children short stories and (4) to find character education value in the short stories. The method that has been used in this study is cultural themes discovery. There are four results in this study: those are (1) resilience skills have characteristics to locate the trigger of the problem, (2) ability to anchor the problem, (3) ability to do strength analysis and (4) ability to do opportunity analysis. Thus, the resilience in facing the problems occurred in three eight circumstances, those are (1) self-conformity in learning process, (2) individuals' skills to adjust the topics, (3) self-adaptation process, (4) self-existence in the learning process, (5) self-actualization process, (6) self-acceptance, (7) cause and effect analysis and (8) problems interpretation. On the other hand, the learning process has to use metaphors to teach those skills in the classroom. The conclusion for this study is resilience is a part of psychological endurance in facing a problem. It is suggested for elementary schools' teachers to teach resilience and use children short stories.

Resilience, Children Short Story, Cultural Themes Discovery, Endurance the Problem, Elementary School Teacher

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Ferril Irham Muzaki (2020). Psychological Resilience Exemplify in Children Stories. Universal Journal of Educational Research, 8(5), 2071 - 2078. DOI: 10.13189/ujer.2020.080545.