Advances in Economics and Business Vol. 7(5), pp. 222 - 233
DOI: 10.13189/aeb.2019.070506
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Changing Trends in Outward Foreign Direct Investment of Turkish Companies

Ahmet Salih iKiZ *
Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences (FEAS), Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University, Turkey


The phase of globalization has helped many developing economies in framing the path towards achieving a higher level of development and economic growth. One of the major instruments used in framing this path of economic growth is foreign direct investment. The economy of Turkey had also witnessed several economic crises and hence the liberalization reforms were introduced in early 2000, which have provided the Turkish economy a strong framework to expand in terms of foreign direct investment. In this context, the present study examines the impact of internationalization and foreign direct investment of Turkish companies. The researcher has collected the data for inward and outward FDI flows during the period 1990-2015. The researcher analyzed the trend of the FDI flows and explored the different reasons behind the rise in the amount of outward FDI. Further, the study explores the convergence of EU integration and how the internalization of Turkish companies changed the investment patterns among the multi-national enterprises in Turkey.

Foreign Direct Investment, Internationalization, Liberalization, Stability

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Ahmet Salih iKiZ (2019). Changing Trends in Outward Foreign Direct Investment of Turkish Companies. Advances in Economics and Business, 7(5), 222 - 233. DOI: 10.13189/aeb.2019.070506.