Civil Engineering and Architecture Vol. 7(3A), pp. 50 - 64
DOI: 10.13189/cea.2019.071308
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The Behaviour of Frozen Scoria in Unconfined Compression Test

Yanyan Agustian *
Widyatama University, Indonesia


The mechanical behaviour of the frozen or partially frozen soil changes significantly as soon as the ice holds the soil particles together. The strength of frozen soil can increase significantly. However, due to the temperature dependency and viscose nature of ice, the strength of frozen soils changes with time, strain rate and temperature. Water migration towards the ice lenses occurs during the freezing process depending on the characteristics of the soil, i.e. grain size and mineralogy, resulting in a significant change of the soil structure. Frost heaving may be the result, induced by the expansion of the water as it changes phase from frozen state. The aim of this study is to determine the unconfined compressive strength to calculate the unconsolidated shear strength of the frozen scoria under unconfined conditions. In unconfined compression tests, the influence of dry density and water content to the unconfined compression behaviour of frozen scoria was observed. The compressive strength of frozen scoria increases with the increase of as well as the increase of and the compressive strain of frozen scoria (axial strain at failure) is dependent on . Although some data scatters appear caused by the inhomogeneous of the samples, the effects of and to the stiffness of frozen scoria were observed. As well as initial Young's modulus , secant modulus of frozen scoria increases with the increasing of and .

Scoria, Yukishiro, Stress-strain, Deformation Characteristics, Frozen

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Yanyan Agustian (2019). The Behaviour of Frozen Scoria in Unconfined Compression Test. Civil Engineering and Architecture, 7(3A), 50 - 64. DOI: 10.13189/cea.2019.071308.