Linguistics and Literature Studies Vol. 7(2), pp. 64 - 70
DOI: 10.13189/lls.2019.070204
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Caricature of Ethics in the Poetry of Kabir

Aditya Angiras *
Department of VVBIS& IS (PU) Sadhu Ashram, Hoshiarpur, India


ETHICS, precisely, is a rational enquiry in to the standards of righteous and wrongful actions to decide which are superior and inferior, in relation to the character and conduct. These are minimum standards for righteous living which are accepted by a class of individuals with higher understanding and are socially approved by everyone. In the context of Kabir, this kind of study falls under the category of "conduct" which was practiced by him under the supervision and guidance of a "Trained Guru" who is known to be a moralist and is a competent authority to guide his disciple on the righteous path of life by making him aware about the difference between vices and virtues. In other words, the trained disciple is the moral perfectionist who is not deluded by any of the vices. Kabir, one of the prominent medieval versifiers has been making clarion calls about carrying out the conduct in a righteous way. He, himself, not only conducts himself on the righteous and uncritical path of life but also talks uniquely about the virtues of life undauntedly in vivid colors which are to be followed by each one in his/ her life. An attempt has been made through this paper to see and analyze those moral principles that were propagated by Kabir through his poetry.

Ethics, Hindi Poetry, Medieval Indian Poetry, Humanism, Bona Fides, Learning from Past Errors, History of Hindi Literature

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