Linguistics and Literature Studies Vol. 7(2), pp. 57 - 63
DOI: 10.13189/lls.2019.070203
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Children's Literature through Performance

Ya-Shu Chen *
Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Chung-Hua University, Taiwan


Educational theory often points out that in order to improve the effectiveness of teaching, the teacher has to allow students to take the initiative and actively participate in the learning process. Therefore, in the four traditional teaching methods, "speaking" and "writing," compared to "reading" and "listening," reap greater teaching effectiveness. This paper suggests that if the teacher combines "performance" with listening, speaking, reading and writing, and also adds various other forms of participation to his/her teaching, the teaching results will be much better than the traditional four methods. Take "children's literature" in this study as an example. Students are required to take the text as the basis for adaptation and performance. The results show that although the students originally were difficult to understand the passages through reading, through a variety of performances during the "implementation" of the practice, they have been able to slowly read into the text and see the meaning. Dewey's "learning by doing" theory is thus proved.

Children's Literature, Teaching Method, Practice, Performance

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