Universal Journal of Educational Research Vol. 7(1), pp. 223 - 229
DOI: 10.13189/ujer.2019.070128
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Group Dynamics and Behaviour

Hüseyin Gençer *
Maritime Higher Vocational School, Piri Reis University, Istanbul, Turkey


Individuals are always in interaction with other individuals outside, as well as in the group and with the group itself. This is why the social sciences emphasize the importance of group dynamics. After the 1990's, with the globalization, digitalization, changing political systems, goal or result-oriented approaches in many western countries, new items such as cross cultural differences and impacts, migration, social status and identity, demographic diversities, leadership, job performance, motivation, dynamics in sport teams, organizational citizenship behavior (OCB), ethics, healthcare have been investigated in the studies on the groups and group dynamics. This study provides general information about the studies on the groups and group dynamics.

Groups, Group Dynamics, Intergroup Dynamics

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Hüseyin Gençer (2019). Group Dynamics and Behaviour. Universal Journal of Educational Research, 7(1), 223 - 229. DOI: 10.13189/ujer.2019.070128.