Advances in Economics and Business Vol. 7(1), pp. 1 - 8
DOI: 10.13189/aeb.2019.070101
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Tourism Promotion of Destination for Swedish Emissive Market

Neven Šerić , Filipa Marušić *
Faculty of Economics, University of Split, Croatia


Marketing tools in tourism are constantly changing. The competition in the global tourism market is exponentially growing. Common practice in the tourism sector is the promotion of destination offer to send target audience specific image in correlation with extra destination value. Customizing destination promotional mix to fit global touristic standards ensures efficient destination positioning but includes higher investment. Management of integral parts of the promotional mix is defined with undifferentiated supply and the general image of destination as well as completely opposite terms of the differentiated offer and the general image of the destination. Most of the tourism-related organizations adjust its promotional mix according to values and image they want to present to the target audience. In the same time, there aren't many tourism organizations, which adjust its promotional mix to different emissive markets. The main research question of this paper is "Does the strategic commitment of a receptive destination offer in terms of managing the marketing mix present strength or weakness?" The paper will present research results from the survey conducted on tourists from Swedish emissive market in order to define recommendable outlines for the successful promotion of tourism services on the selected emissive market. Given the fact the authors of this paper conducted two parallel primary types of research of attitudes among different samples of the same emissive market (one of them were Swedish tourists who didn't visit Croatia). Linking of these two aspects has been a research challenge to the expected contribution in the sphere of realizing advisable guidelines for proactive management of destination promotion focused on one emissive market.

Tourism, Offer, Promotional, Managing, Sweden

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