Sociology and Anthropology Vol. 6(12), pp. 855 - 867
DOI: 10.13189/sa.2018.061201
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Tenets of Wesleyan Evangelical Revival in Mainline Protestant Churches in Nigeria

Eugene Ikechukwu Ukaoha 1,2,*
1 Department of Religion and Cultural Studies, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria
2 West Africa Theological Seminary, Lagos, Nigeria


This paper focuses on the Wesleyan Evangelical Revival, which is the precursor of the mainline Protestant Missions in Nigeria. The main purpose of this work is to examine how the mainline Protestant Churches in Nigeria align themselves with the main tenets of the Wesleyan Revival. The study therefore employed the historical and phenomenological approach. Personal communications or oral interviews and participant observation were the instruments used. The main findings of this study among others show that: The main doctrinal emphases of the Wesleyan Evangelical Revival are new birth/conversion experience and sanctification/holiness of heart and life. The four mainline Protestant churches, namely, Methodist, Anglican, Presbyterian and Baptist align themselves with the tenets of Evangelicalism. The churches understand and emphasize the scriptural doctrine of salvation. The study however noted that there are divergent views about the meaning of the term "Christian Perfection" or "Entire Sanctification" as taught by John Wesley. It therefore noted the need for harmonization of views on this central tenet of the Wesleyan Revival. It then recommended among other things that in order to adequately align itself with the scriptural doctrine of salvation and holiness, the Church in Nigeria should be intentional in prayer, Bible study, teaching, practical living and mentoring on salvation/ holiness. In conclusion, therefore, there is need for harmonization of views and consistent teaching/preaching on these central and crucial tenets of the Wesleyan Revival. The Church in Nigeria needs to go back to God and cry out to Him in repentance to have mercy on us and revive us again.

Tenets, Wesleyan, Evangelical, Revival, Protestant, Missions, Entire Sanctification, Christian Perfection

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Eugene Ikechukwu Ukaoha (2018). Tenets of Wesleyan Evangelical Revival in Mainline Protestant Churches in Nigeria. Sociology and Anthropology, 6(12), 855 - 867. DOI: 10.13189/sa.2018.061201.