Universal Journal of Management Vol. 6(7), pp. 235 - 239
DOI: 10.13189/ujm.2018.060701
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What if Burnout was a Symptom of Our 21st Century Society?

Andrée Piecq *
Master in Psychology, General Secretary UES-EUS, Honorary President S & O, Scientific Director G.I.R.O.S (Belgium), Rue Beauregard 98, Carnières, B-7141, Belgium


To verify the hypothesis that burnout is a symptom of the 21st century, this article analyzes burnout in organizations. Burnout in organizations is studied by: The evaluation of the organization's functioning; the diagnosis of the organization as "operative" or as "inoperative" in order to choose steering strategies. Our society and the organizations are considered as isomorphic structures. The methodology used here is the "Giroscope"[1] and the "12 guiding principles [1]" which are two patterns used to analyze human organizations. General explanation about the "Giroscope" analysis: When the target is to make an evaluation of the functioning of an organization: The contexts are considered and the "12 guiding principles" are used; The organization's diagnosis gives the opportunity to characterize it as "operative" or "inoperative"; This diagnosis is made to allow the development of steering strategies in order to enable the modification of the organization; To introduce modifications in "operative" organizations, the structure must not be changed. However, in an "inoperative" organization, it is necessary to change the structure. The hypothesis of this article is that organizations, in which burnout emerges, have their structure diagnosed as "inoperative". The necessary strategy to change this structure into an "operative" one is "the mutation".

Burnout, Guiding Principles, Complexity, Context, Border, Finality, Feedback, Isomorph

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