Universal Journal of Applied Science Vol. 1(3), pp. 65 - 81
DOI: 10.13189/ujas.2013.010301
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Who Can Get a Place in the Noah's Ark of the 21st Century

Vitaly A. Eremenko *
International Knowledge Bridge LLC USA


Our civilization judging by the many scientists, historians, philosophers, social scientists and natural scientists opinion is not the first and not the last one on Earth. The limited existence of any civilization always ends with one. This is the degradation with natural disasters and with the tragic fate of dying people. A character of the dynamics of their development, that is, a rise then reaching of a maximum level and a mandatory recession very resembles a normal Gaussian distribution. Dynamics of human survival is also a kind of a Gaussian curve, but it is significantly different from the curve of the dynamics of a civilization with the time parameters. Index of the human' survival rate begins to fall rapidly while the rate of civilization' development is still held at maximum. The main reasons for the downfall of civilizations have always been conflicts between the laws of nature and society, when they reach the extreme limit. Reasons for the decline of the survival rate in growing of the number and capacity of external and internal dangers to human health and life. Natural disasters, technogenic catastrophes, terrorist and military actions rations belong to the external dangers; however a rapidly growing of bureaucracy is a basis for increasing of internal ones. The biological instinct of self-preservation is the primary and often the only guarantee of survival in the initial and final stages of the development of civilizations. However, the transition to an application this basic instinct should start now with due regard the above-mentioned shift in the dynamics of these two Gaussian curves, characterize the dynamics of the survival rate and the civilization' development . So that is must be done before the "Great Flood" will come. Issues develop an adequate Paradigm for survival of an ordinary man and Methodologies, Technologies and Design of a special cybernetic device that is the Cybernated Self-Preservation' Kit for personal use is the subject of this publication.

Civilization, Ordinary Real Person, Dangers, Phobias, Risks, Survival, Cybernated Self- Preservation

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Vitaly A. Eremenko (2013). Who Can Get a Place in the Noah's Ark of the 21st Century. Universal Journal of Applied Science, 1(3), 65 - 81. DOI: 10.13189/ujas.2013.010301.