Environment and Ecology Research Vol. 6(3), pp. 187 - 202
DOI: 10.13189/eer.2018.060306
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Not Only AUSTAL2000 is Not Validated

Rainer Schenk 1,2,*
1 Faculty Engineering and Environmental Sciences, Dresden University of Technology IHI Zittau, Germany
2 Department of Fluid Mechanics, Faculty of Power Plant Engineering and Energy Economics, University of Technology Zittau, Germany


On the basis of regulations and directives, since 2002 the particle model AUSTAL2000 has been mandatory in the Federal Republic of Germany for the calculation of the spread of air pollutants. In order to achieve harmonization, other model developments require that the physical basis of the AUSTAL be adopted. However, the author of this paper has variously proved that this dispersion model itself is not verified and therefore not suitable for carrying out propagation calculations. All reference solutions are faulty. Doubtful comparisons and test bills are carried out. So z. For example, 3D wind fields are compared with the rigid rotation of a solid and the position of sources is given in 200m, but their effects cannot be seen in the calculated concentration distributions. The authors of the AUSTAL address these objections with chimerical arguments and questionable definitions of deposition velocities and other dubious calculations of sedimentation and deposition currents. With each attempt to explain deepen the incomprehensibility, and you become entangled in other contradictions. This article describes that deposition currents are to be determined according to physically established laws and cannot be set arbitrarily according to amount and direction. It is shown that soil concentrations are calculated speculatively by the authors of AUSTAL. The definition of the deposition rate is substantiated physically. The author also analyzes by way of example that even further model developments are validated by the faulty reference solutions of the AUSTAL. Not only AUSTAL is not validated. In summary, further contradictions are described. AUSTAL is a further development of the dispersion model for air pollutants LASAT from the year 1984. LASAT is raised by the authors themselves and described as the mother model of pollutant spreading in Germany. For 34 years, faulty model developments have been extensively promoted.

AUSTAL2000, Sedimentation, Deposition, Deposition Rate, Dispersion of Air Pollutants

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Rainer Schenk (2018). Not Only AUSTAL2000 is Not Validated. Environment and Ecology Research, 6(3), 187 - 202. DOI: 10.13189/eer.2018.060306.