Environment and Ecology Research Vol. 6(2), pp. 112 - 119
DOI: 10.13189/eer.2018.060203
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Green Growth and Business Opportunity in India

Amar Nath Bhadra 1,*, Subhendu Podder 2
1 Government of West Bengal, Kolkata, India
2 Jindal Power Limited, Gurgaon, India


India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and is moving ahead with developmental path, and process. The Sustaining a fast-paced growth rate and driving a comprehensive development requires addition of major infrastructures like Power, Road, Communication, and Transportation. To ensure inclusive growth infrastructure should also grow side by side but to ensure the sustainability that growth shall be in the form of Green way. The rapid industrialisation and anthropogenic activities have vitiated the atmosphere and ailments like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Cancer, and other vector-borne diseases have increased. Green House Gases (GHGs) that emits from coal-based combustions, vehicle exhaust, and irresponsible use of pesticides is causing a significant damage in the quality of atmosphere. The "Right to inhale fresh air" and the "Right for safe living on the Earth" shall be new demand of humanity. As a responsible leadership, The Government of India not only has become a signatory of Conference of Parties (COP-21) but also quickly and simultaneously implementing the eight points of India's Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC). India recognises the need for sourcing the additional energy requirement mostly from the renewable sources like Solar, Wind, while balancing the gap through Advanced Ultra Super Critical Technology (AUSCT) to ensure the Green Growth. The obvious fall-out of the above will increase the business opportunity in renewables in one hand and obsolescence of existing coal based thermal power generating plants on the other hand. Authors intend to indicate that innovation is going to convert the apparent challenges into new business opportunities through "Decommissioning", "Disposal" and "Logistics" while absorption of advanced technologies and compliance to stringer environmental norms will also open up new vistas of business, driving the growth wheel in a green way.

Make in India, Safe-living, Green Growth

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[1] Amar Nath Bhadra , Subhendu Podder , "Green Growth and Business Opportunity in India," Environment and Ecology Research, Vol. 6, No. 2, pp. 112 - 119, 2018. DOI: 10.13189/eer.2018.060203.

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Amar Nath Bhadra , Subhendu Podder (2018). Green Growth and Business Opportunity in India. Environment and Ecology Research, 6(2), 112 - 119. DOI: 10.13189/eer.2018.060203.