Linguistics and Literature Studies Vol. 5(6), pp. 424 - 431
DOI: 10.13189/lls.2017.050605
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Stereotyping and Stigmatizing of Poor Whites in Today's USA

Concepción Parrondo Carretero *
Department of English Philology, Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, University of Málaga, Spain


The stigma once imposed upon poor whites (also known by the terms of 'white trash,' 'cracker,' 'red neck,' or 'hillbilly,' among others) still lives on in a specific type of poor, notorious for their laziness, dirt-eating, propensity to criminality, sexual perversity, consanguinity, feeblemindedness, and chronic disease portability. It is through mass media communications that this group has been placed on the margins of a capitalist interest-driven market economy in the hands of the dominant whites who dictate the rules by which all members of society are to abide. It is no longer the account of the traveler or the written text what can be damaging to the public image of a social group, but a much powerful vehicle of communication that attracts large numbers and travels at the speed of light. As an image is worth a thousand words, the visual impact created by TV or the cinema has no equal. This paper aims to examine the social stereotyping and stigmatizing of poor whites (the bad type) in mass media communications through the analysis of two films (Deliverance 1972 and Monster 2003), a documentary (The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia 2009), and a reality TV series (Here Comes Honey Boo Boo 2012) to ultimately come to the realization that social stigmatizing is very much alive in the United States of the 21st century.

Poor Whites, Poor White Trash, Stigmatizing, Hegemonic Whites, Mass Media Communications, Commodification

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Concepción Parrondo Carretero (2017). Stereotyping and Stigmatizing of Poor Whites in Today's USA. Linguistics and Literature Studies, 5(6), 424 - 431. DOI: 10.13189/lls.2017.050605.