Computer Science and Information Technology Vol. 5(5), pp. 154 - 163
DOI: 10.13189/csit.2017.050502
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Analysis of Development of Dynamic S-Box Generation

Amandeep Singh 1,2,*, Praveen Agarwal 3, Mehar Chand 4
1 Department of Computer Science, Baba Farid College, Bathinda-151001, India
2 Department of Computer Science, Singhania University, India
3 Department of Mathematics, Anand International College of Engineering, Jaipur303012, India
4 Department of Applied Sciences, Guru Kashi University, India


Advanced Encryption Standard is a symmetric block cipher which is widely used in encrypting data by different organizations to make secure their data from being hacked. The only nonlinear part of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is S-Box (Substitution Box), which provides confusion in the algorithm. But the main limitation of the S-Box in AES is that it is a static one throughout the algorithm, which is the main center of attraction for the cryptanalyst to analysis the weakness for certain attacks. Since 2000 onwards a number of algebraic attacks on AES have been carried out, which challenged the security of AES. But at the same time till date a number of researches have being carried out for making AES more secure by using dynamic S-Boxes to provide more confusion to the cryptanalyst. In present paper we tried to address dynamic S-Box techniques and provide their analysis on the basis of S-Box properties, which are essential for secure S-Box construction like Non-linearity, XOR profile, Strict Avalanche criterion (SAC) and Bit independence criteria (BIC). Also these techniques are compared with the original AES results.

Advanced Encryption Standard, S-Box, Dynamic S-Box, Non linearity, SAC, BIC, XOR Profile

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[1] Amandeep Singh , Praveen Agarwal , Mehar Chand , "Analysis of Development of Dynamic S-Box Generation," Computer Science and Information Technology, Vol. 5, No. 5, pp. 154 - 163, 2017. DOI: 10.13189/csit.2017.050502.

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Amandeep Singh , Praveen Agarwal , Mehar Chand (2017). Analysis of Development of Dynamic S-Box Generation. Computer Science and Information Technology, 5(5), 154 - 163. DOI: 10.13189/csit.2017.050502.