Civil Engineering and Architecture Vol. 5(4), pp. 152 - 160
DOI: 10.13189/cea.2017.050404
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Re-designing Urban Stream Landscape by Investigating the Citizens' Preference Matrix

Ali Asadpour *
Faculty of Architecture & Environmental Design, Shiraz University of Arts, Iran


In addition to the ecological concerns, public preferences and social perceptions are important subjects in urban stream redevelopment. There are few studies addressing public concerns in Middle East nations, such as Iran. This study took The Khoshk River (in local language means Dry River) in Shiraz metropolitan area, Iran, as an object to do some comprehensive evaluation of its natural and built environment by questioner survey. Random sampling method have been used and totally 474 citizens participated in the study. They had been asked to choose the river scape preference according to Kaplan's' environmental matrix (coherence, legibility, complexity & mystery) in Likert scale. The variable 'naturalness' added to the mentioned matrix as a proposal. Findings analyzed by SPSS (Version 19). Results show that there is a significant correlation between naturalness and 'coherence', 'complexity', 'legibility' and 'mystery' preference named in order of importance and relationships. It means that, naturalness as a preference variable has a grater correlation with 'immediate' variables (named coherence and complexity) than inferred ones (named legibility and mystery). The paper, suggests that naturalness could be added to preference matrix of urban streams. Furthermore, the results confirm the gaps between public perceptions and purpose of city governments in naturalizing the river scape. Strategies are also being proposed to redesign the landscape of the river.

Preference Matrix, Urban Stream, Landscape, Naturalness, Khoshk River

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Ali Asadpour (2017). Re-designing Urban Stream Landscape by Investigating the Citizens' Preference Matrix. Civil Engineering and Architecture, 5(4), 152 - 160. DOI: 10.13189/cea.2017.050404.