Linguistics and Literature Studies Vol. 5(4), pp. 316 - 321
DOI: 10.13189/lls.2017.050410
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Contemporary Chinese Youth's Reading Preference on Han Fu

Chen Qi *
Foreign Language College, Chengdu University of Information Technology, China


The paper analyses the Han Fu's reading preference of contemporary young people in China. A questionnaire on the basis of Yang Xiong's four Fu, including two Big Fu and two Small Fu, and two Tang poems were designed and 200 non-Chinese major undergraduates in two universities were chosen out randomly to answer it. The investigation shows that most of the respondents do not like Small Fu but Big Fu. The author observes three special phenomena respectively in diction and rhythm, understanding, and length, and discovers they are closely connected with the prosperity of Chinese society and with the use of network. Moreover, compared with Han Fu, most of those respondents like Tang poem because of the understanding and length which provides more evidences on the reasons of the special phenomena. The decline of the understanding ability of reading and the lack of reading patience caused by the use of network should be on the alert.

Reading Preference, Young People in China, Yang Xiong, Han Fu, Tang Poem

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Chen Qi (2017). Contemporary Chinese Youth's Reading Preference on Han Fu. Linguistics and Literature Studies, 5(4), 316 - 321. DOI: 10.13189/lls.2017.050410.