Sociology and Anthropology Vol. 5(8), pp. 627 - 634
DOI: 10.13189/sa.2017.050806
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Principles and Values as Essential Elements that Shape Social Policy

Stefanos Koffas *
Institute for Continuing Education and Continuing Education, Katholische Stiftungsfachhochschule München, Germany


Dealing with social policy as a meaning, but also as an applied practice in social sector interventions, presupposes knowledge of the basic principles and values on which the philosophy of its existence and operation is based. Besides the historical reasons of the socioeconomic environment behind the development of social policy, the guiding principles and social values that govern it are also very important. More specifically, the anthropo-philosophical and Christian principles – other than being structural elements of human behaviour – serve as collective values as well as guiding principles for the harmonious working together of social life and state intervention when social policy is applied at the macro level. In any case, the effectiveness of each decision to intervene, and the accomplishment of its objectives, is highly dependent on its ideological background, which exists in relation to the current social values. The existence of social equality and justice, the reduction of social problems, as well as the reallocation of goods and services, presuppose the smooth operation of the value system and the preservation of its fidelity. The value system encompasses the local government and normative/regulatory conformity as foundations of the systemic operation of society's subsystems; in regard to the value system solidarity, subsidiarity and personal responsibility constitute the foundations of human behaviour. The presentation of the principles and value system on which the operation of social policy is based within the framework of the EU are the basic prerequisites for comprehending its operation. Moreover, this step as the new challenge of human reaction against to the monetarism of the economy. It is obvious that together with the neoliberal concept a very close cooperation with the human values is necessary.

Social Policy, Principles, Values, Solidarity, Subsidiarity, Personal Responsibility

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