Universal Journal of Educational Research Vol. 4(12), pp. 2706 - 2715
DOI: 10.13189/ujer.2016.041203
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Modelling Teacher Development through Open and Distance Learning: A Zimbabwean Experience

Moffat C. Tarusikirwa *
Faculty of Arts and Education, Zimbabwe Open University, Zimbabwe


Historically, in Southern Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, Standards 3, 4, 5 and 6 would teach during the school term and attend teacher training during the school holidays. This was mostly in Missionary institutions. Later, these organisations changed into full-time teacher training institutions. Then teacher training lasted two years. Students would spend time in college and in the field. Some teachers were certified because of good performance, without having attended any teacher development college. Some, for example holders of Primary Teacher Lower Course (P.T.L.) who passed the Cambridge General School Certificate, GCE were given an examination and upgraded to the Primary Teacher Higher Course (P.T.H.) qualification. Among the past models are the - 3-3-3, the -3-3-3-3 and the ZINTEC (Zimbabwe Integrated Teacher Education Course) model of teacher development used in conventional colleges. Currently, conventional colleges use the 2-5-2 model. For the purpose of this paper, the Zimbabwe Open University ODL model of Teacher Development will be discussed. In this model, student teachers are continually teaching in schools, while at the same time undergoing teacher development. The purpose of this model is to make it cheaper to produce teachers as it has advantages of producing large numbers of teachers at the same time as they teach in the schools making it economic for the country.

Open and Distance Learning (ODL), Modelling, Teacher Development

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