Linguistics and Literature Studies Vol. 4(6), pp. 383 - 391
DOI: 10.13189/lls.2016.040601
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The Use of Mother Tongue in Moroccan Classes of English

Mohamed Zakaria Laghmam *
Department of English, University of Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdullah, Morocco


This study deals with one of the most contentious phenomena in English language teaching, meaning here the use of mother tongue, Arabic, in teaching English as a foreign language. The study at hand aims at examining the degree to which Arabic is used in Moroccan High School classes of English. It reflects and explores the attitudes of high school instructors towards the usage of Arabic and their reasons behind using it. It also aims at investigating which gender uses Arabic more in classes of English. Besides, this paper tries to discuss the relationship between the use of the mother tongue and years of teaching experience. The findings of this study which were accumulated through a questionnaire and classroom observations suggest that Arabic is rarely used in the high school classrooms of English by teachers. Furthermore, the findings indicate that Arabic is used more by teachers in order to translate vague or difficult words and concepts.

Arabic, Mother Tongue, Translation, L1 and L2, Years of Experience

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Mohamed Zakaria Laghmam (2016). The Use of Mother Tongue in Moroccan Classes of English. Linguistics and Literature Studies, 4(6), 383 - 391. DOI: 10.13189/lls.2016.040601.