Linguistics and Literature Studies Vol. 4(4), pp. 243 - 251
DOI: 10.13189/lls.2016.040402
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Meaning and Philosophy in the Hungarian Economic Terminology

Gizella Frang *
Faculty of Pedagogy, University of West Hungary, Hungary


Hungarian economic experts can only make a difference between global expectations and national interests. When creating their economic philosophy, they only take into consideration our native culture and the base of people's ways of thinking. The "interpretational scissors" between economic terminology and everyday language can only be reduced by bringing the economy and the common thinking in balance by using the same code system. This re-Hungarianized language used with consciousness as a common property can help us to solve the life-problems of our nation. The economic terms analyzed by the research of roots of language prove the ethical economic approach of our ancestors: economy served people living in a community, and until Hungarian reform times. It was not only as much important as everyday life required it, but based on trust and honour.

Culture, Civilization, Communication, Technical Terms, Interpretational Scissors

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