Universal Journal of Management Vol. 4(6), pp. 332 - 336
DOI: 10.13189/ujm.2016.040602
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Quality Management (TQM - Total Quality Management) in Order to Improve the Operations Quality of HR

Gordana Tasevska *
BAS Institute of Management Bitola, Macedonia


Quality Management (Total Quality Management - TQM) is a system to improve and increase effectiveness and efficiency of action. It includes all employees and all activities from the lowest level to the top management of the organization. In order this to be realized, a scientific, methodical, planning approach, persistence and thoroughness are being required. At the same time, that means change in the behavior of the employees, radical changes in the organizational structure, clearly defining the rights, obligations and responsibilities of each individual. Surpassing the traditional system of behavior towards staff, the foundations of a new scientific basis of management are being set. The previous is based on the maintenance of quality in the industry by taking care of the whole human potential. This system recognizes that employees are the pillar of sustainable TQM. They are expected to take responsibility for the quality of two aspects; first to embrace continuous improvement of the culture and to think about improving performance; and the second aspect is to think about how to promote all operations [3]. In order to do that they need to have the ability and information so the propulsion can lead to production of changes. Through the concern for individual development and motivation, the new management encourages employees to achieve a common goal. The first and the most important step in the introduction of total quality management system is education and training. Through them, the employees acquire the skills for their increased role in TQM. We say the first step, because the necessary knowledge for quality must be acquired first, in order to achieve the overall performance of the quality system. The effort is the result to motivation. The awards are important fact or of motivation. They dictate to improve service quality. The value of the award indicates how attractive or desirable is the future result of the behavior in the work situation, profits etc. They are important systems in TQM. Also, the training is another option through which the employees may be included in TQM. With education and training, the employees are able to manage with their new role in TQM.

Total Quality Management–TQM, Development of Human Resources, Plausibility of Human Resources, Motivation

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Gordana Tasevska (2016). Quality Management (TQM - Total Quality Management) in Order to Improve the Operations Quality of HR. Universal Journal of Management, 4(6), 332 - 336. DOI: 10.13189/ujm.2016.040602.