Universal Journal of Management Vol. 3(10), pp. 423 - 434
DOI: 10.13189/ujm.2015.031007
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A Sustainable Business Model Needs to be Underpinned by a Business Architecture

James McKee *
Department of Information Systems, University of Wollongong (Retired), Australia


This paper responds to the apparent contradiction between where the importance of the business model in shaping success is emphasised, "great business models can reshape industries and drive spectacular growth" [1] and the fact that many organisations either do not have a useful model or do not bring their model up to date when necessary. Problems with developing a business model will be discussed and whether model complexity may contribute to the lack of motivation in redeveloping it when required. Organization analysis has been described in many papers and books and these analyses describe the essential components of the organisation but also provide a great deal of detail which may make the business model overly complex. It is therefore sensible to separate the information that is more stable over time concerning the structure of the organisation, from the truly dynamic information affecting how the organisation perceives its approach to product and customer. This paper will suggest a systematic organisation of information to contain the more stable elements of the organisation analysis and will describe how this can provide support for a business model and make its development easier. This will also allow the model to be redeveloped as required to meet changing circumstances and therefore better able to drive business success.

Business Model, Business Architecture, Information Definition, Strategic Choices, Organisational Analysis, Business Structure, Visualisation of Architecture

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