Cancer and Oncology Research Vol. 1(2), pp. 15 - 23
DOI: 10.13189/cor.2013.010201
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Safe Cancer Screening for Patients after Lumpectomy, Survivors, and Healthy Subjects

Emad Y. Moawad*
Faculty of Engineering, Ain shams university, Cairo, Egypt


The purpose of this study is to establish an inexpensive test for cancer screening with safe clinical staging suitable to undergo anytime without risks or restrictions to the entire population, contributes to treatment management, and helps to administer the appropriate low-waste dose for all cancer therapies. Regarding cancer as a matter of energy balances; the mathematical model of the Emad Value Test (EVT) monitors the Extra Body Growth Energy (EB EG) of subject's whole body along dietary treatment which permits all the aberrant activation of body cells that lead to cancer development and simply describes the patient cancer stage. According to work-energy principle, the initial energy of the low-waste dose (E0.Does) would be equivalent to that of the (EB EG) at the end of the EVT period. i.e. (EB EG) = (E0.Does). Simulations of the presented model showed that Energy Intake (EI), Total Energy Expenditure (TEE), and the Accumulated Extra Body Growth Energy (AEB EG), were always balanced with their subsequent Energy Stored (Estored) or Energy Loss (ELoss) by the body along the diet period according to law of conservation of energy to confirm and provide a clear-cut criterion for accepting the EVT hypothesis for the relationship between the Estored or ELoss, the difference and the (AEB EG) as follows: Estored= (EI –TEE) – (AEB EG) or ELoss= (TEE – EI) + (AEB EG) Validity of EVT results as a diagnostic tool recommends EVT to be considered as more reliable test with promising efficacy and low cost to obtain a more accurate assessment as to whether cancer is present in healthy subjects, besides to staging, restaging cancer for patients and screening survivors as well. EVT provides also the possibility to investigate all effects of the human-caused background radiation, and all cancer causes.

Emad Value Test, Clinical Cancer Staging, Energy Intake, Total Energy Expenditure, Extra Body Growth Energy

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