Universal Journal of Management Vol. 3(3), pp. 127 - 130
DOI: 10.13189/ujm.2015.030305
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Comparison of Dog's of the Dow Strategy

Najma Soomro *, Muhammad Arshad Haroon
Department of Management Sciences, Isra University Hyderabad, Pakistan


Investors always try to find the ways to beat the market. In recent years, one popular strategy among International investors involves a portfolio comprising of the ten highest yielding stocks selected from among the KSE all share index stocks in the Karachi Stock Exchange-KSE, (one of the most popular stock indices of the Pakistan). Such portfolio based on the Dow Dividend Strategy (DDS) came to be known as the 'Dogs of the Dow.' Portfolio of 'Dogs of the Dow' has been found to outperform the Dow on numerous occasions. The proposed study will extend the well documented Dogs of the Dow (Dow Dogs) strategy to Pakistan stock market. Purpose of this research is to compare the impact of DoD(KSE) portfolio performance with other developed and underdeveloped countries. The result shows that Pakistani Stock market faces the same external conditions like other developed and under developed countries. In conclusion, the Dogs of the Dow strategy can be a successful investment strategy in the Pakistani market but with some limitations.

Dogs of the Dow, Stock Market, Investment Strategy

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Najma Soomro , Muhammad Arshad Haroon (2015). Comparison of Dog's of the Dow Strategy. Universal Journal of Management, 3(3), 127 - 130. DOI: 10.13189/ujm.2015.030305.