Linguistics and Literature Studies Vol. 3(2), pp. 70 - 74
DOI: 10.13189/lls.2015.030206
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Principles in Language Learning Motivation

Oktavian Mantiri *
Faculty of Education and Psychology, Asia-Pacific International University


This is a literature review of the teaching principles in English language and their relationships to motivation. This article is based on personal teaching experiences with teacher trainees in the field of language teaching. Motivation is key to successful education; however, it requires the right approaches to benefit teaching and learning. This article explores the importance of meaningful learning and authentic materials in language learning. It also emphasizes the significance of the role of reward in increasing motivation. It argues that rote learning should play minimal role if at all, whereas meaningful learning be the core of the whole experience. Moreover, culture connection, self-confidence, and attitude are considered as other important factors of teaching and learning. In conclusion, this article reiterates the importance of teachers' role in language learning success whereby teachers need to set the stage for learning through creating learning environment that foster meaningful experiential learning and where students could make sense of the whole learning experiences.

Language Learning Motivation, English Learning, Language Teaching Principles, Attitudes in Language Learning

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