Environment and Ecology Research Vol. 2(7), pp. 279 - 283
DOI: 10.13189/eer.2014.020703
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Future Movement for Sustainable Development Goals

Laode Ida *
Sociology Department, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Jakarta State University (UNJ), Jakarta


Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) become a very important subject matter to put as an international agenda after 2015 where MDGs is going to be completed. We all acknowledge that MDGs (8 components) target is significantly achieved, so that is needed to refer it as a lessons learned and a movement for international development agenda to make a continuously and advance in the future. It is also in line to previous common consensus resulted by Open Group Discussion (March 13-14, 2013). Moreover Indonesia, who President SBY took a crucial role in the panel initiated by UN SG, has a strong commitment to follow up MDGs achievement. The main question: what's kind of movement is proper to be taken for the future steps? The first important thing is to have a real concept that is agreed to be implemented as international community agenda. The second step is to establish a special body to be in charge. The third is to conduct SDGs international campaign to promote it and at the same time try to convince donor countries as well as business groups to contribute a support this efforts.

Post Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), International Development Agenda, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Future Steps

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