Linguistics and Literature Studies Vol. 2(6), pp. 167 - 172
DOI: 10.13189/lls.2014.020602
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A Journey from the Shipwreck to the Salvage in Nadine Gordimer’s Selected Short Stories

Sangita T. Ghodake *
Prof. Ramkrishna More Arts, Commerce & Science College, Akurdi, Pune, Maharashtra, India


Nadine Gordimer’s Jump and Other Stories (1991) is a collection of sixteen stories that can be best described as microcosm of the life in Africa. Being a humanist her prominent concern lies in psycho-social study of the people from all walks of life. Being a member of fractured society she cannot stop herself from describing bloodshed and horror but her spiritual self always sees a ray of hope for ‘the emergence of a new man’ in 21st century. Her depiction of characters starts with a shipwreck but most of the time they turn their lot of life by becoming salvagers. The closure of all the stories is striking, strange and shocking with the spell of pleasant or unpleasant surprise. The present paper deals prominently with two stories based on children prominently. She is a great humanist who initiates her characters to spiritual values such as the life furthering survival and positive acceptance of life in spite of adversities that marks the salvaging phase. Her stories portray the transition from the psychological state of the shipwreck to the stage of salvage through the attainment of calmness of mind. ‘Once upon a Time’ is a tragedy of a white family that loses their son due to their overprotective and possessive attitude towards life. They install most effective security system to their compound wall of their house of ‘a continuous coil of stiff and shining metal serrated into jagged blades’ (29) against the black intruders. It clearly brings out disturbed psyche of the parents due to insecure life in the country. The son, on the other hand romanticizes life of a prince and the compound wall to be a thicket of thorns from which he desires to rescue a princess. He ironically becomes the victim of the web of adult maneuvering. ‘The Ultimate Safari’ tells us the sad story of an eleven year old black refugee girl from Mozambique who moves to neighbouring country due to war for seeking a shelter. It is a touching story of a grandmother who tries her best to save her grandchildren that has been narrated in the point of view of a granddaughter. All the stories reveal human nature and psyche of the children of different age groups. The paper tries to prove that mind has tremendous power to go through the shipwreck and later on to reach the salvage.

South Africa, Shipwreck, Salvage, Discrimination, Race, Apartheid, Post-Apartheid

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