Civil Engineering and Architecture Vol. 2(5), pp. 201 - 211
DOI: 10.13189/cea.2014.020502
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Raising the Quality of Residential Industrial Neighborhood

Nour El Dein Mahmoud *
Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, Egypt


Planning a sustainable residential industrial neighborhood even while enormous quantities of toxic chemicals are emitted to air is a challenge. Studying and analyzing planning strategies towards sustaining neighborhoods of same regions in global examples and questioning residents in an Egyptian industrial residential case, to implement a hazardous radius determinations and plotting a residential industrial Neighborhood near plants is deducted towards taking the first steps for sustaining these dwellings, leading to a better quality of life for workers and residents in industrial regions. The evidence of concurrent rapid urbanization and rapid industrialization is obvious. As a result, the environmental performance of an industrial system can have enormous impact on the life of urban dwellers. The linkage has been less obvious, but important, when it runs in the other direction— between cities and the industrial system, often through urban governance. There has been a love and hate relationship between cities and industries. Cities, for example, need industries to provide jobs and revenue, but they do not want the pollution that comes with the industrial activities. So when they are able, they will get rid of polluting industries, pushing them away from city centers to suburbs or to other cities until then we must raise the quality of the residential industrial neighborhoods.

Industrial Settlements Pollution Prevention, DE-Dusting Strategy, Cyclone Collectors, Hazard Distances, Assigning Buffer Zones

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