Environment and Ecology Research Vol. 12(2), pp. 214 - 221
DOI: 10.13189/eer.2024.120212
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Approaches of Arsenic Removal from Water Bodies: Application and Limitations

Wael S. Al-Rashed *
Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Tabuk, Saudi Arabia


The literature outlines numerous traditional methods used to eliminate arsenic. New technologies have been employed to enhance the removal process, which is more realistic, cost-effective, and eco-friendly. This study reviews the latest technologies, along with the fundamental principles they are based on. Traditional arsenic removal methods were compared with their newer counterparts to assess their effectiveness and suitability for various groundwater sources. The discussion centers around unique methodologies, the water source sampled, the technology utilized, and the impact of other factors. Further, these approaches were evaluated based on their environmental impact and economic feasibility. The use of some innovative technologies is still restricted to laboratory conditions, which makes it difficult to calculate their removal efficiency under natural conditions accurately. Traditional approaches necessitate several processes to achieve the desired concentration. Additionally, only filtration can reduce the arsenic content to a specific level in an area with existing iron. Furthermore, electrocoagulation technologies can be utilized only in locations where electricity is readily accessible and cost-effective. The innovative technologies in this study showed greater removal efficiency compared to the traditional methods. Although the expenses of these technologies are not applicable in all circumstances, they are recognized as environmentally friendly concepts. These technologies effectively eliminated arsenic without the need to alter the pH or oxidation state of the contaminated water.

Arsenic Contamination, Arsenic Removal, Water Quality, Water Treatment Methods

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[1] Wael S. Al-Rashed , "Approaches of Arsenic Removal from Water Bodies: Application and Limitations," Environment and Ecology Research, Vol. 12, No. 2, pp. 214 - 221, 2024. DOI: 10.13189/eer.2024.120212.

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Wael S. Al-Rashed (2024). Approaches of Arsenic Removal from Water Bodies: Application and Limitations. Environment and Ecology Research, 12(2), 214 - 221. DOI: 10.13189/eer.2024.120212.