Mathematics and Statistics Vol. 12(2), pp. 199 - 203
DOI: 10.13189/ms.2024.120209
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Emerging Frameworks: 2-Multiplicative Metric and Normed Linear Spaces

B. Surender Reddy 1,*, S. Vijayabalaji 2, N. Thillaigovindan 3, K. Punniyamoorthy 4
1 Department of Mathematics, University College of Science, Osmania University, India
2 Department of Mathematics (S & H), University College of Engineering Panruti, (A Constituent College of Anna University) India
3 Department of Mathematics, College of Natural and Computational Sciences, Arba Minch University, Ethiopia
4 Department of Mathematics, R. M. K. Engineering College (Autonomous), India


This new study helps us understand 2-multiplicative or product metric spaces and normed linear spaces (NDLS) better than before, going beyond what we already know. Seeing a gap in existing research, our main aim is to thoroughly explore the natural properties of 2-multiplicative NDLS. Using a careful approach that looks at continuity, compactness, and convergence properties, our research finds results that point out the special features of these spaces and show the connections between their algebraic and topological sides. The importance of our findings goes beyond just theory, affecting practical uses and encouraging collaboration across different fields. Our research builds a strong base in mathematical analysis, giving useful insights for making nuanced decisions. Acknowledging some limitations in our study opens the door for future improvements, creating promising paths for further exploration. In real-world terms, what we learn from this thorough study not only informs but also changes how we make decisions in mathematical analysis. In research community, our work makes people appreciate the connection between algebraic and topological spaces more deeply, sparking curiosity and inspiring future research. In essence, this research acts as a guiding light, showcasing the unique features of 2-multiplicative NDLS and paving the way for a deeper understanding of mathematical structures and their flexible uses in both theory and practice. Furthermore, our exploration motivates future researchers to dive into the details of 2-multiplicative NDLS, expanding their knowledge and looking into broader implications in the field of mathematical analysis.

2-multiplicative, 2-multiplicative Convergent, 2-multiplicative Open Ball, 2-multiplicative Continuous

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[1] B. Surender Reddy , S. Vijayabalaji , N. Thillaigovindan , K. Punniyamoorthy , "Emerging Frameworks: 2-Multiplicative Metric and Normed Linear Spaces," Mathematics and Statistics, Vol. 12, No. 2, pp. 199 - 203, 2024. DOI: 10.13189/ms.2024.120209.

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B. Surender Reddy , S. Vijayabalaji , N. Thillaigovindan , K. Punniyamoorthy (2024). Emerging Frameworks: 2-Multiplicative Metric and Normed Linear Spaces. Mathematics and Statistics, 12(2), 199 - 203. DOI: 10.13189/ms.2024.120209.