Civil Engineering and Architecture Vol. 12(3), pp. 1649 - 1659
DOI: 10.13189/cea.2024.120329
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Analysis of Excavation Collapse at PM1 Thermal Power Plant – A Case Study

Hoa Cao Van *
Department of Construction Technology, Faculty of Civil Construction, Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture, Vietnam


Deep excavation in soft soil has many potential risks due to overall instability, basal heave instability, failures due to piping, boiling, large buckling of struts, yielding of a wall, excessive wall deflection, excessive ground settlement, and adverse effects on adjacent structures. In fact, incidents or collapses during the construction of deep excavations have been observed around the world, but only a few cases are reported due to contractual or other reasons. Those that are reported are usually of such a large scale and severity that they receive public attention, and even then, there is generally limited information available. Chan N. F. (2012) has documented 58 severe collapses or incidents during deep excavations in Hong Kong and worldwide. As the desired excavation depth increases, the above risks at all stages of excavation may occur individually or in combination. Therefore, this article analyzes the construction process and incidents that happened in Pond B, Phu My 1 Thermal Power Plant, Vietnam, to find the causes and draw lessons learned. For many different reasons, this item encountered many problems. However, this item was still completed. The article uses the Plaxis 2D ultimate to evaluate incidents and follow countermeasures. Analysis results show that the Pond B excavation process encountered problems due to the base heave instability, unsafe strut-wall system structure, excessive ground settlement, excessive lateral displacement of the ground, and poor weld quality. The contractor has successfully implemented countermeasures that have proven to be effective.

Excavation Analysis, Deep Excavation, Pond B, Excavation Collapse, Failure, Case Study

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[1] Hoa Cao Van , "Analysis of Excavation Collapse at PM1 Thermal Power Plant – A Case Study," Civil Engineering and Architecture, Vol. 12, No. 3, pp. 1649 - 1659, 2024. DOI: 10.13189/cea.2024.120329.

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Hoa Cao Van (2024). Analysis of Excavation Collapse at PM1 Thermal Power Plant – A Case Study. Civil Engineering and Architecture, 12(3), 1649 - 1659. DOI: 10.13189/cea.2024.120329.