Linguistics and Literature Studies Vol. 2(3), pp. 75 - 78
DOI: 10.13189/lls.2014.020301
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Effective Communication Traits: “The Godfather” Perspective

Harmik Vaishnav *
Institute of Law, Nirma University


Communication has become very important in the modern professional and social context. It has broken the conventions of just give and take of messages. For an effective leader or manager the importance of communication becomes manifold. It is a very important tool that drives home the effectiveness of the leader or manager. How does he communicate? When does he communicate? To whom does he communicate? How does he respond to communication? These are the important elements for a leader or manager in communication and communication management. Leaders or managers or would be leaders and managers have to comprehend and perceive this communication and look ahead of the road. One can grasp the untold word, the invisible symbol or sign or reading the unwritten word and the unexpressed body language. "The Godfather" a very famous fiction work by Mario Puzo is an excellent tool of learning for the students of management, management processionals and even leaders and managers from variety of perspective, especially the HR and managerial communication. Intent reading of the novel also gives one an idea that primarily it is not a novel of crime, justice, character and a thriller; it is an in-depth study on human mind and psyche. It is a great work on the communication patterns of individuals in variety of situations and while dealing with variety of people. It goes beyond the conventional aspects of communication of speaking, listening etc. The novel has emphasized the importance of serious communication and seriousness in communication, be it with anyone. The research paper strives to throw light on the various aspects of communication in day to day professional life, the intricacies involved in serious communication and what aspects a professional can learn about communication from "The Godfather".

Communication, Communication Management, Leadership Communication, Managerial Communication

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