Civil Engineering and Architecture Vol. 11(2), pp. 531 - 549
DOI: 10.13189/cea.2023.110201
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Local Wisdom and Sustainable Features of Tidore Vernacular Architecture

Mustamin Rahim 1,*, Arham Munir 1, Firdawaty Marasabessy 1, Darmawijaya 2
1 Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Khairun University, Ternate, Indonesia
2 Department of History, Faculty of Cultural Studies, Khairun University, Ternate, Indonesia


The energy consumption in the building sector is very high and is expected to increase continuously with the world's population growth. It is believed that vernacular architecture has the essential knowledge to be learned and adopted as sustainable development strategies according to the context and region. Therefore, this study aims to explore the vernacular architecture of the archipelago region of Tidore in Indonesia through literature studies and field observations to understand the principles of design and building construction systems in response to extreme environments. It also focuses on analyzing the features of local wisdom and sustainability applied to vernacular architecture in the past using the sustainable assessment method. The results showed that the Tidore vernacular architecture has adapted to extreme weather and natural disasters for centuries with the traditional construction technique of the button and bond systems using lightweight materials from the surrounding environment. It also aligns with the local context, including the culture, tradition, and religion or spirituality of the people. Moreover, the approach respects the environmental and climatic factors and is in harmony with the topography. The strongest point of this approach is the ability to realize the "spiritual-human-environment" harmony for the human environment's comfort. These findings are expected to inspire sustainable architectural designs in the future.

Vernacular Architecture, Local Wisdom, Sustainability, Gurabunga, Tidore

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[1] Mustamin Rahim , Arham Munir , Firdawaty Marasabessy , Darmawijaya , "Local Wisdom and Sustainable Features of Tidore Vernacular Architecture," Civil Engineering and Architecture, Vol. 11, No. 2, pp. 531 - 549, 2023. DOI: 10.13189/cea.2023.110201.

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Mustamin Rahim , Arham Munir , Firdawaty Marasabessy , Darmawijaya (2023). Local Wisdom and Sustainable Features of Tidore Vernacular Architecture. Civil Engineering and Architecture, 11(2), 531 - 549. DOI: 10.13189/cea.2023.110201.