Environment and Ecology Research Vol. 10(6), pp. 728 - 737
DOI: 10.13189/eer.2022.100608
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Social Economic Index Analysis of Palu Disaster Recovery

Patta Tope , Mohamad Ichwan *, Erna Tenge , Suparman
Faculty of Economics and Business, Tadulako University, Indonesia


The geographical condition makes Indonesia very vulnerable to natural disasters. Various natural disasters that have befallen Indonesia have claimed many lives and property losses. Some of them are the earthquake, tsunami, and liquefaction in Central Sulawesi, especially Palu City, on September 28 2018, which claimed thousands of lives and caused huge property losses. The socio-economic impacts caused by the disaster need to be repaired through rehabilitation and reconstruction in education, health, and the economy. To measure the level of recovery in the form of rehabilitation and reconstruction, a general measure in the form of an index number is needed, called the Indonesia Post-Disaster Recovery Index (Ina-PDRI), which consists of three aspects: the education aspect, the health aspect, and the economic aspect. All basic indicators use primary and secondary data. The basic data used is data for 2017 (100 percent) and it is compared with post-earthquake data, namely data for 2019. The higher the recovery index percentage obtained, the greater the socio-economic condition of recovery in Palu City. It is found that after one year of natural disasters in the form of earthquakes, tsunamis, and liquefaction, the results for the recovery of the new education sector were 54.67 percent, the health sector had only reached 77.78 percent, and the economic sector had only reached 19.84 percent. Total recovery only reached 44.20 percent. Therefore, the disaster recovery acceleration program in Palu City still needs to be improved so that the socio-economic conditions are recovered as before.

Natural Disaster, Earthquake, Tsunami, Liquefaction, Post-disaster Recovery Index, Social Economic Index

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[1] Patta Tope , Mohamad Ichwan , Erna Tenge , Suparman , "Social Economic Index Analysis of Palu Disaster Recovery," Environment and Ecology Research, Vol. 10, No. 6, pp. 728 - 737, 2022. DOI: 10.13189/eer.2022.100608.

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Patta Tope , Mohamad Ichwan , Erna Tenge , Suparman (2022). Social Economic Index Analysis of Palu Disaster Recovery. Environment and Ecology Research, 10(6), 728 - 737. DOI: 10.13189/eer.2022.100608.