Mathematics and Statistics Vol. 10(2), pp. 431 - 435
DOI: 10.13189/ms.2022.100218
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Data Encryption Using Face Antimagic Labeling and Hill Cipher

B. Vasuki 1,2, L. Shobana 1,*, B. Roopa 3
1 Department of Mathematics, College of Engineering and Technology, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, India
2 Department of Mathematics, SRM Valliammai Engineering College, India
3 Department of Mathematics, PERI Institute of Technology, India


An approach to encrypt and decrypt messages is obtained by relating the concepts of graph labeling and cryptography. Among the various types of labelings given in [3], our interest is on face antimagic labeling introduced by Mirka Miller in 2003 [1]. Baca [2] defines a connected plane graph with edge set and face set as face antimagic if there exist positive integers and and a bijection such that the induced mapping , where for a face , is the sum of all for all edges surrounding is also a bijection. In cryptography there are many cryptosystems such as affine cipher, Hill cipher, RSA, knapsack and so on. Amongst these, Hill cipher is chosen for our encryption and decryption. In Hill cipher [8], plaintext letters are grouped into two-letter blocks, with a dummy letter X inserted at the end if needed to make all blocks of the same length, and then replace each letter with its respective ordinal number. Each plaintext block is then replaced by a numeric ciphertext block , where and are different linear combinations of and modulo 26: (mod 26) and (mod 26) with condition as is one. Each number is translated into a cipher text letter which results in cipher text. In this paper, face antimagic labeling on double duplication of graphs along with Hill cipher is used to encrypt and decrypt the message.

Encryption, Decryption, Face Antimagic Labeling, Double Duplication Graphs, Hill Cipher

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[1] B. Vasuki , L. Shobana , B. Roopa , "Data Encryption Using Face Antimagic Labeling and Hill Cipher," Mathematics and Statistics, Vol. 10, No. 2, pp. 431 - 435, 2022. DOI: 10.13189/ms.2022.100218.

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B. Vasuki , L. Shobana , B. Roopa (2022). Data Encryption Using Face Antimagic Labeling and Hill Cipher. Mathematics and Statistics, 10(2), 431 - 435. DOI: 10.13189/ms.2022.100218.