Universal Journal of Agricultural Research Vol. 2(1), pp. 36 - 41
DOI: 10.13189/ujar.2014.020106
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Biodiagnostic and Nomenclature Anthropogenic Soils of Azerbaijan

Naila Orucova *
Institute of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan , st. Mamed Arif 5, Baku, 1073 Azerbaijan


Morphogenetic Diagnostics, Nomenclature and Classification of Azerbaijan Soils has been prepared on the basis of the newest ideas concerning the available printing and fund materials of the field, chamber, laboratorial researches in the Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry of ANAS. Protection and preservation of the available soils require the soil diagnostics formation which is up to the contemporary requirements. The materials concerning the soil diagnostics, nomenclature and classification constantly expand and improve. The local soil condition and individual characters are assumed as a basis by using of the ideas and principles of WRB, FAO-UNESCO schools, Russian soil science in the given Azerbaijan soil classification preparation. The soils morphogenetic structure is assumed as a main principle in Azerbaijan soil classification. The soil is classified naturally and its morphogenetic diagnostics is given. For the first time great soil taxons (soil class, section, type) and low taxons (soil subtype, sort, type, diversity, line) which are up to the international and national requirements separated and a large diagnostics has been given. Formation of the soils contemporary diagnostics and classification concerning the International standards will be basis for the preparation of the Red Book of Soils.

Biodiagnostics of Soils, Nomenclature And Classification of Soils, Soil Taxons, Protection and Preservation of the Available Soils, Anthropogenic Soils, Red Book of Soils

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Naila Orucova (2014). Biodiagnostic and Nomenclature Anthropogenic Soils of Azerbaijan. Universal Journal of Agricultural Research, 2(1), 36 - 41. DOI: 10.13189/ujar.2014.020106.