Civil Engineering and Architecture Vol. 9(1), pp. 176 - 183
DOI: 10.13189/cea.2021.090115
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Effects of Fiber Reinforcements on the Strength of Shotcrete

Syed Azmat Ali Shah 1, Mian Asfahan Ali Gul 2, Tayyab Naqash 3,*, Zeeshan Khan 4, Muhammad Rizwan 2
1 Centre for Disaster Preparedness and Management, University of Peshawar, Pakistan
2 Department of Civil Engineering, University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar, Pakistan
3 Department of Civil Engineering, Islamic University of al-Madinah al-Munawara, KSA
4 City University of Science and Information Technology Peshawar, Pakistan


Like concrete, Shotcrete poorly performs when subjected to tension; therefore, it experiences displacements and breaking when it is exposed to tensile loadings—adding fibers to concrete increases the ductility of Shotcrete. For this reason, two shotcrete mixes were prepared, plain, and reinforced with fibers (Fiber Reinforced Shotcrete, FRS). The results were looked at and recorded. Shotcrete with a strength of more than 35 MPa were designed and prepared. Steel and polypropylene fibers of different weights and shapes are added to Shotcrete. After adding fibers to Shotcrete, Shotcrete with fascinating properties is produced after testing the samples for 7 and 28 days. The results stated that the tensile and compressive strength of Shotcrete enhanced with additional fibers. Shotcrete has indistinguishable properties compared to concrete, and adding of polypropylene fibers up-to 3kg/m3 disclosed a nearly 20% rise in the compressive strength of Shotcrete. The compressive strength diminished with an increase in the quantity of fiber past 3kg/m3. The tensile and flexural properties of Polypropylene Fiber Reinforced Shotcrete (PFRS) continued expanding with higher fiber quantity. Similarly, the compressive, tensile, and flexure strength of Shotcrete increased with an increase in the number of steel fibers.

Shotcrete, Polypropylene Fibers, Steel Fibers, Compressive Strength, Tensile Strength

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[1] Syed Azmat Ali Shah , Mian Asfahan Ali Gul , Tayyab Naqash , Zeeshan Khan , Muhammad Rizwan , "Effects of Fiber Reinforcements on the Strength of Shotcrete," Civil Engineering and Architecture, Vol. 9, No. 1, pp. 176 - 183, 2021. DOI: 10.13189/cea.2021.090115.

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Syed Azmat Ali Shah , Mian Asfahan Ali Gul , Tayyab Naqash , Zeeshan Khan , Muhammad Rizwan (2021). Effects of Fiber Reinforcements on the Strength of Shotcrete. Civil Engineering and Architecture, 9(1), 176 - 183. DOI: 10.13189/cea.2021.090115.