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Horizon Research Publishing(HRPUB) is committed to publishing high quality books rapidly and effectively. Our professionally trained editorial team offers authors a complete set of publishing service including typesetting, content editing and cover design. With an emphasis on accuracy and authors’ satisfaction, HRPUB takes responsibility for every aspect of the publishing process. All books are produced in print and electronic format and will be distributed worldwide. Now, we are pleased to invite authors to submit new book manuscripts to us. Please read carefully the following instruction for authors.

A List of Books

  • Sustainable- Integral Solutions for Energy and Water

    Editor: Prof. Dan Zaslavsky
    ISBN: 978-1-943484-08-9
    Pages: 340
    Price: 42.00 USD
    Published: 8th March 2016
    Order: book@hrpub.org
  • Grieving Process of Nurses Continuing to Care for Dying Patients

    Editor: Makiko Kondo
    ISBN: 978-1-943484-09-6, Pages: 256
    Price: 96.00 USD
    Published: 16th January 2017
    Order: book@hrpub.org
  • Ignored Oil Seed Crops

    Editors: Dr. Farooq Ahmed Khan and Smi Ullah
    ISBN: 978-1-943484-06-5
    Pages: 303
    Price: 39.00 USD
    Published: 19th January 2017
    Order: book@hrpub.org
  • Relativistic Thermodynamics

    Editor: Emil V. Veitsman
    ISBN: 978-1-943484-10-2
    Pages: 196
    Price: 17.00 USD
    Published: 13th February 2017
    Order: book@hrpub.org
  • The Circular State - The Symbolic Labor Politics in Transitional China

    Editor: Xiuying Cheng
    ISBN: 978-1-943484-12-6
    Pages: 174
    Price: 43.00 USD
    Published: 13th April 2017
    Order: book@hrpub.org
  • Commercial Agriculture in India: Post-harvest Needs of Small-holder Farmers

    Editors: Dr. K G Karmakar, Dr. G D Bandopadhyay
    ISBN: 978-1-943484-11-9; Pages: 316
    Price: $122.00 (USA); $40.00 (India)
    Published: 17th April 2017
    Order: book@hrpub.org
  • Essays in Science - Immunology

    Editor: C. D. Poduri
    ISBN: 978-1-943484-00-3
    Pages: 152
    Price: $52.00 USD
    Published: 11th May 2017
    Order: book@hrpub.org
  • The Use of Silence in Classical Music: Perspectives on Listening and Understanding

    Editor: Prof. Emanuele Ferrari
    ISBN: 978-1-943484-15-7
    Paperback: $32 USD eBook: $15 USD
    Published: 18th Jul 2017; Pages: 100
    Order: book@hrpub.org
  • OCHOTONA ROYLEI: A Flagship Species from India Himalaya

    Editor: Dr. Manoj Kumar Upadhyay
    ISBN: 978-1-943484-07-2 Pages: 224
    Price: $75.00 USD
    Published: 10th August 2017
    Order: book@hrpub.org
  • Chain of Communication and Patient's Right to Information in Cancer Treatment and Health Care - A Case Study of Pakistan

    Editor(s): Khadija Khan and Naseem Begum
    ISBN: 978-1-943484-16-4 Pages: 54
    Price: $18.00 USD, Published: 21th Dec 2017
    Order: book@hrpub.org
  • Research Methods of Multiparameter Spectral Problems and the Nonlinear Algebraic Equations

    Editor(s): Rakhshanda Dzhabarzadeh
    ISBN: 978-1-943484-17-1 Pages: 156
    Price: $48.00 USD, Published: 18th Jan 2018
    Order: book@hrpub.org
  • Manual of Psychiatric Nursing Competencies

    Editor(s): Dr. Amal Khalil
    ISBN: 978-1-943484-19-5
    Pages: 114
    Price: $39.00 USD, Published: 23th May 2018
    Order: book@hrpub.org

    Author: Xiao Yunru; Translator: Yang Huiying
    ISBN: 978-1-943484-21-8
    Pages: 300
    Price: $79.00 USD
    Published: 28th Dec 2018
    Order: book@hrpub.org
  • On the Road to Continuous Improvement (CI) Screening and Early Detection of Breast Cancer Infrastructure and Application of International Quality Standards

    Authors: Dr. Naseem Begum and Khadija Khan
    ISBN: 978-1-943484-24-9, Pages: 120
    Published: 28th Dec 2018, Price: $34.00 USD
  • Life Review of Aging Japanese Hansen's Disease Survivors - Deeply Deeply Closing Our Eyes in Order to See What We Truly Should See

    Authors: Makiko Kondo, Ph. D.
    ISBN: 978-1-943484-20-1, Pages: 838
    Published: 28th Feb 2019
    Price: $70.00 USD, Order: book@hrpub.org
  • Learning Styles - Theories and Implications for Teaching Learning

    Authors: Dr. Sajna Jaleel, Dr. Anne Mary Thomas
    ISBN: 978-1-943484-25-6, Pages: 90
    Published: 17th Sep 2019
    Price: $26.00 USD
    Order: book@hrpub.org