For Subscribers

Horizon Research Publishing(HRPUB) publishes high quality peer-reviewed journals. These journals are indexed with important information retrieval databases including CrossRef, Google Scholar.

About Pricing
To subscribe print version of journals, please raise your requirements to HRPUB journals for further processing by e-mail. Details for subscription fee will be notified in replying the order. The postage may vary due to differences in countries(regions).

Payment Method
Subscriptions are payable in advance and all costs only include postage. Payment should be in US dollars/ Euro. Subscribers are requested to submit payment voucher together with their order. We offer a range of purchasing options for online journals designed to meet customers’ needs. Subscription department may provide subscribers enough information of account according to the payment method.

Personal Subscribers
Personal subscribers need to provide us a detailed list of journals(E.g. Volume/Issue/Journal Title… etc.). Personal orders are for non-commercial use only and are not to be used in a library or shared with others at an institution. The reselling of personal subscriptions is strictly prohibited.

Institutional Subscribers
An institutional order is for use within an institution or library. When purchased, the order is available to all users. Institutions should contact with HRPUB to place their order. The institutional subscriber will undertake all necessary authentication and verification processes to ensure that only authorized users can access the journals.

We will provide affordable and rapid mailing approach based on subscribers’ countries / regions to them, ensuring subscribers will receive print version within about two weeks.

Subscription Renewal
Our subscription team tracks undelivered copies of your journal by correcting the delivery address where necessary. Apart from replying to letters to new subscribers, we also keep normal contact with old customers, making it easier for them to renew their subscription. For customers whose subscription is about to expire, or has expired, we will inform them the status of their subscription.

Benefit for Subscription Agents
According to the order quantities, 5-15% off may be offered to subscription agents. Our subscription department will give prompt response to any enquiries concerning about the preferential price.

Claims & Queries
After delivering subscribed journals, we will give a gentle reminding to subscribers to check whether subscribed journals have arrived at the designated destination. Customers may claim for issues not received to our subscription department within one month.

Refunds request must be informed before the first issue has been delivered. The request will not be considered at any other time without following the term.

Change of Address
In order to successfully receive subscribed issues, subscribers must inform us the detailed information of receiving issues ahead of one month , if the designated destination has changed. Also include journal title/volume/issue number for reference.

Flexible Subscription
Horizon Research Publishing offers authors flexible subscription plans to meet their needs. Choose issues(single/multiple copies) which interest you from the journals list and build the collection you want in the order.

Terms and Conditions
• All journals are available in printed editions.
• While making a claim please indicate our invoice number for reference. Before accepting the claim, we will confirm all the necessary information.
• The academic subscription rate is valid only for academic institutions and not to companies .
• The subscription fee is only included in print version of the journal.