Universal Journal of Educational Research Vol. 8(1), pp. 260 - 283
DOI: 10.13189/ujer.2020.080133
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Motivational Values of Ukrainian Students and the Use of Distance Learning Form in Legal Education

Sergey Kivalov *, Liubov Bila-Tiunova
Department of Administrative and Financial Law, National University Odessa Academy of Law, Ukraine


In order to implement new national curriculums in the field of higher education in Ukraine, it is necessary to use the open educational forms as one of the sustainable development conditions. Therefore, the authors used a correlated analysis, Kolmogorov-Smirnov test, F-test, and Pearson's chi-squared test in order to examine the Ukrainian students' motivation towards the education according to the theory of internal motivation. The present study was based on the experiment conducted in two separate universities in Ukraine. Participants of the study were students of higher education facilities, who studied on the specialty "Law". In total, 130 students were offered to take part in the experiment and only 104 students agreed on the participation. Therefore, they completed the written consent, and data were collected by survey information. The losses were due to the absence of the students or lack of the written consents during the experiment. Thus, they voluntarily participated in the study and answered the blank anonymously. Moreover, the universe rate was within the confidence interval. In addition, authors stated that the choice between traditional and ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) based educational approaches had a serious impact on the distribution of students' motivational values. In fact, students showed higher efficiency index while studying the law with the help of distance learning. However, participants did not believe that using the distance learning form would not help them to study well and pass their exams on "4" and "5". Therefore, it is established that the whole opportunity value to pay attention to the problems interesting for students is the sole harbinger for the thesis that the study of law with the help of the distance learning form makes their education qualitative. Thus, it is argued that the Ukrainian students are motivated to study law with the help of ICT, but the value distribution is different according to gender roles. For example, males may have more benefit from the use of ICT whereas females need another point of interest to use the distance learning form to study law.

Distance Learning, Higher Education, ICT, Internal Motivation Theory, Law, Ukraine

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